51st Peninsula Open 14-15 May 2016 – Results


Cross Table

No Name               Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  Stephen J Solomon  2403 6     14:W 10:W  8:W 11:W  2:W  7:W
2  Gene Nakauchi      2289 5     20:W 16:W  4:W  3:W  1:L  6:W
3  Ross Lam           1911 4.5   34:W  9:W  0:D  2:L 28:W 15:W
4  Tony Weller        1734 4.5   36:W 41:W  2:L 13:W 19:W  8:D
5  Peter Cronin       1636 4.5   43:W 25:W  7:L  0:D 18:W 19:W
6  Allan Fossey       1891 4     32:W 13:W 11:L 12:W 15:W  2:L
7  Tom Maguire        2074 4     21:W 17:W  5:W  0:D  0:D  1:L
8  Michael Ostapenko  1757 4     33:W 37:W  1:L 16:D 14:W  4:D
9  Hikaru Oka         1229 4     38:W  3:L 41:W 10:W 11:L 24:W
10 Bruce Littleboy    1478 4     26:W  1:L 22:W  9:L 23:W 20:W
11 Brodie McClymont   2472 4     22:W 19:W  6:W  1:L  9:W  0: 
12 Martin Carter      1005 4     29:L  0:+ 25:W  6:L 35:W 28:W
13 Aaron Stringfellow 1028 3.5   42:W  6:L 33:W  4:L 26:W 16:D
14 Gail Young         837  3.5    1:L 26:W  0:D 30:W  8:L 32:W
15 Mark C Stokes      1539 3.5    0:D 29:W 23:W 28:W  6:L  3:L
16 Jason Wang         1476 3.5   39:W  2:L 36:W  8:D 20:D 13:D
17 Nick Kospartov     1152 3.5   35:W  7:L 34:D 20:D 21:D 30:W
18 Jasper Moss        824  3.5    0:D 28:L 42:W 31:W  5:L 29:W
19 Henry Slater-Jones 1570 3     27:W 11:L 21:W 29:W  4:L  5:L
20 Oliver Yang        742  3      2:L 39:W 24:W 17:D 16:D 10:L
21 Alexander Dong     670  3      7:L 35:W 19:L 25:W 17:D 23:D
22 Nadula Tennakoon   869  3     11:L 27:W 10:L 38:W 24:L 39:W
23 Peter-John Bargo   1060 3      0:D 30:W 15:L 34:W 10:L 21:D
24 Don Hamilton       1447 3     25:L 43:W 20:L 27:W 22:W  9:L
25 Allan Li           450  3     24:W  5:L 12:L 21:L 36:W 37:W
26 Daniel Tseng       511  3     10:L 14:L 44:W 37:W 13:L 38:W
27 Aditya Anand       560  3     19:L 22:L 32:W 24:L 40:W 34:W
28 Keith Mcleod       1456 2.5    0:D 18:W 31:W 15:L  3:L 12:L
29 Jazz Born          111  2.5   12:W 15:L 37:W 19:L 34:D 18:L
30 Jim Rogers         812  2.5    0:D 23:L 45:W 14:L 33:W 17:L
31 Kanak Relekar      335  2.5    0:D 45:W 28:L 18:L 32:L 41:W
32 Khush Patel        635  2.5    6:L 42:D 27:L 44:W 31:W 14:L
33 Lucas Su           593  2.5    8:L 44:W 13:L 41:D 30:L 35:W
34 Jason Li           640  2      3:L 38:W 17:D 23:L 29:D 27:L
35 Marcus Su          346  2     17:L 21:L 39:W 36:W 12:L 33:L
36 Tsukasa Oka        585  2      4:L 40:W 16:L 35:L 25:L 43:W
37 John Willett       939  2     44:W  8:L 29:L 26:L 41:W 25:L
38 Itsuki Oka         415  2      9:L 34:L 40:W 22:L 42:W 26:L
39 Melody McKenzie    498  2     16:L 20:L 35:L 42:W 43:W 22:L
40 Shubh Patel             2     41:L 36:L 38:L  0:W 27:L 44:W
41 Tiran Mahaarachchi 341  1.5   40:W  4:L  9:L 33:D 37:L 31:L
42 Melody Yang        275  1.5   13:L 32:D 18:L 39:L 38:L  0:W
43 Bob Maczkowiak     570  1      5:L 24:L  0:D  0:D 39:L 36:L
44 Elliott Dudgeon         1     37:L 33:L 26:L 32:L  0:W 40:L
45 Keanu Matsuura     965  1      0:D 31:L 30:L  0:D  0:   0: 
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Queensland Open 30th April -2nd May 2016 Results

Cross Table

No Name                    Feder Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7  

1  Solomon, Stephen J      QLD   2403 6     24:W 19:W  8:W  2:W  3:L 10:W  5:W
2  Stojic, Dusan           QLD   2241 6     37:W 15:W 18:W  1:L 28:W  3:W  9:W
3  McClymont, Brodie       QLD   2472 5.5   36:W 20:W 13:W  5:D  1:W  2:L 11:W
4  Jule, Alexandra         QLD   2009 5.5   39:W 16:W  9:D  6:W  5:D 11:D 14:W
5  Stephson, David J       QLD   2079 5     38:W 14:W 10:W  3:D  4:D 17:W  1:L
6  Walker, John D          QLD   1853 5     25:W 29:W 23:W  4:L 10:L 22:W 17:W
7  Weller, Tony            QLD   1734 5     26:W 30:L 39:W 15:W 18:W  9:L 20:W
8  Harris, John            QLD   1704 5     40:W 34:W  1:L 21:W 11:L 36:W 27:W
9  Pomerenke, Zachary      QLD   1580 5     54:W 51:W  4:D 12:W 17:D  7:W  2:L
10 Salahuddin, Mohammad    QLD   1423 5     50:W 11:W  5:L 13:W  6:W  1:L 18:W
11 Cashman, Michael        QLD   1889 4.5   61:W 10:L 37:W 29:W  8:W  4:D  3:L
12 Somasundaram, Jayakumar       1853 4.5   46:W 21:W 30:D  9:L 20:W 14:L 31:W
13 Lovejoy, David          QLD   1723 4.5   52:W 22:W  3:L 10:L  0:D 21:W 30:W
14 Littleboy, Bruce        QLD   1478 4.5   55:W  5:L 26:W 27:D 45:W 12:W  4:L
15 Hamilton, Don           QLD   1447 4.5   47:W  2:L 52:W  7:L 37:W 32:D 29:W
16 Fraser, Wayne G         QLD   1423 4.5   49:W  4:L  0:D 31:W 32:D  0:D 28:W
17 Barber, Geoffrey        VIC   1648 4      0:D 45:W 31:W 30:W  9:D  5:L  6:L
18 Harris, Timothy         QLD   1617 4     32:W 27:W  2:L 23:W  7:L 35:W 10:L
19 McIntyre, Brock         QLD   1574 4     41:W  1:L 46:W 32:D 30:W 27:D  0: 
20 Stokes, Mark C          QLD   1539 4     42:W  3:L 25:W 51:W 12:L 23:W  7:L
21 Oka, Hikaru             QLD   1229 4     56:W 12:L 43:W  8:L 38:W 13:L 32:W
22 Sedl, Thomas            QLD   1158 4     59:W 13:L 32:L 40:W 26:W  6:L 37:W
23 Carter, Martin          QLD   1005 4     53:W 28:W  6:L 18:L 41:W 20:L 39:W
24 Oka, Tsukasa            QLD   585  4      1:L 55:W 27:L 41:L 50:W 52:W 44:W
25 Oka, Itsuki             QLD   415  4      6:L 59:W 20:L 44:L 43:W 53:W 36:W
26 Relekar, Kanak          QLD   335  4      7:L 56:W 14:L 53:W 22:L 51:W 35:W
27 Jones, Jonathan                    4     35:W 18:L 24:W 14:D 51:W 19:D  8:L
28 Bourke, Ronald          QLD   1621 3.5   43:W 23:L 38:W 35:W  2:L 29:D 16:L
29 Mills, Ross             QLD   1381 3.5   44:W  6:L 40:W 11:L 39:W 28:D 15:L
30 Harris, Patrick         QLD   1091 3.5   58:W  7:W 12:D 17:L 19:L 45:W 13:L
31 Moss, Jasper            QLD   824  3.5    0:D 33:W 17:L 16:L 34:W 46:W 12:L
32 Peach, Ben                         3.5   18:L 57:W 22:W 19:D 16:D 15:D 21:L
33 Robertson, Alex         QLD        3.5    0:D 31:L 45:L 61:+ 46:L 50:W 48:W
34 Young, Gail             QLD   837  3     57:W  8:L  0:D 45:L 31:L  0:D 46:W
35 Devlin, Izak            QLD   829  3     27:L 41:W 44:W 28:L 48:W 18:L 26:L
36 Hill, Connor                  594  3      3:L 54:W 51:L 43:W 44:W  8:L 25:L
37 Anand, Aditya           QLD   560  3      2:L 42:W 11:L 55:W 15:L 40:W 22:L
38 Meyer, Jacob                  551  3      5:L 50:W 28:L 49:W 21:L 41:L 53:W
39 Lincoln, Rheanca              543  3      4:L 47:W  7:L 54:W 29:L 42:W 23:L
40 Taylor, Flynn           QLD        3      8:L 58:W 29:L 22:L 47:W 37:L 45:W
41 Edmondson, Sam                     3     19:L 35:L 56:W 24:W 23:L 38:W  0: 
42 Lamble, Oliver                     3     20:L 37:L 53:L 59:W 49:W 39:L 55:W
43 Lincoln, Selinca                   3     28:L 48:W 21:L 36:L 25:L 57:W 52:W
44 Spence, Ian                        3     29:L 61:W 35:L 25:W 36:L 56:W 24:L
45 Palmer, Aaron           QLD   628  2.5    0:D 17:L 33:W 34:W 14:L 30:L 40:L
46 McKenzie, Melody        ACT   498  2.5   12:L 49:W 19:L 50:D 33:W 31:L 34:L
47 Hindmarsh, Max                     2.5   15:L 39:L 48:L 58:W 40:L 49:D 54:W
48 Archibald, Emelia                  2.5   51:L 43:L 47:W 52:W 35:L  0:D 33:L
49 Taylor, Noah                       2.5   16:L 46:L 61:W 38:L 42:L 47:D 58:W
50 Pedernal, Brent                    2.5   10:L 38:L 57:W 46:D 24:L 33:L 56:W
51 Frelek, Ray             QLD   1712 2     48:W  9:L 36:W 20:L 27:L 26:L  0: 
52 McCarthy, Kyle                     2     13:L 53:W 15:L 48:L 54:W 24:L 43:L
53 Meyer, Charlie                     2     23:L 52:L 42:W 26:L 55:W 25:L 38:L
54 Aanan, Shafiuddin                  2      9:L 36:L 59:W 39:L 52:L 58:W 47:L
55 Erwin, Samuel                      2     14:L 24:L 58:W 37:L 53:L 59:W 42:L
56 Galdwin, Samuel                    1.5   21:L 26:L 41:L 57:W  0:D 44:L 50:L
57 Crisp, Bailey                      1.5   34:L 32:L 50:L 56:L 61:+ 43:L 59:D
58 Hill, Grant                        1     30:L 40:L 55:L 47:L 59:W 54:L 49:L
59 Hindmarsh, Toni                    .5    22:L 25:L 54:L 42:L 58:L 55:L 57:D
60 Ousmand, Nizami         QLD   1637 0      0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0: 
61 Creevey, Connie-Jane          500  0     11:L 44:L 49:L 33:- 57:-  0:   0: 
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April Open 2016 Results


38 keen chess players took part in the 2016 April Open at Grace Lutheran College in Rothwell on Saturday April 9 and Sunday April 10. The number one seed was IM Brodie McClymont, with an ACF rating of 2472. But with players like the talented Yi Liu, rated 2316, the tactical Gene Nakauchi, rated 2289 and the very consistent Tony Dowden, rated 2067 in the field, Brodie would have some work to do. The tournament had 13 players rated above 1700 as well.

But Brodie rose to every challenge and with 6 straight wins over Mark Stokes, Tony Weller, Tony Zhong, Yi Liu, Tony Dowden and Hughston Parle he convincingly won the event and the $700 first prize cheque was all his. Gene Nakauchi took outright second place with 5 points and Yi Liu and Edwin Onilongo shared third place with 4.5 points from their 6 games.

Brodie has a very impressive record in Queensland week-enders and in 2016 has now won both The Mackay Open and The April Open with picket fences! You can view Brodie’s convincinging win in Round 1 over CAQ President Mark C Stokes and Tony Dowden’s fine win over Ross Lam on ChessChat.
Mark Stokes


Cross Table

No  Name                 Feder Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1.  McClymont, Brodie    QLD   2472 6     20:W 12:W  9:W  2:W  4:W 10:W
2.  Liu, Yi              QLD   2316 4.5   21:W 11:W 15:W  1:L  3:D  9:W
3.  Nakauchi, Gene       QLD   2289 5     22:D 18:W  7:W 19:W  2:D  4:W
4.  Dowden, Tony         QLD   2067 4     23:W 13:W 17:W  5:W  1:L  3:L
5.  Lam, Ross            QLD   1911 4     24:W 14:W 19:D  4:L 22:D 18:W
6.  Cashman, Michael     QLD   1889 3.5   25:W 15:L 18:W 12:D 16:W  7:L
7.  Onilongo, Edwin      QLD   1801 4.5   26:D 22:W  3:L 21:W 12:W  6:W
8.  Walker, Tyson        QLD   1786 4     27:W 17:L 23:W 14:L 25:W 15:W
9.  Zhong, Tony (Junhao) QLD   1785 4     28:W 16:W  1:L 15:W 11:W  2:L
10. Parle, Hughston      QLD   1775 4     29:W 19:L 25:W 17:W 14:W  1:L
11. Ostapenko, Michael   QLD   1757 4     30:W  2:L 20:W 24:W  9:L 19:W
12. Weller, Tony         QLD   1734 3     31:W  1:L 27:W  6:D  7:L 23:D
13. Au, Alexander        QLD   1722 3     32:W  4:L 24:L 29:W 19:L 34:W
14. Therakam, Clint      QLD   1648 4     33:W  5:L 35:W  8:W 10:L 17:W
15. Seabrook, Roy        QLD   1645 3     34:W  6:W  2:L  9:L 20:W  8:L
16. Cronin, Peter        QLD   1636 3     35:W  9:L 29:W   :D  6:L 22:D
17. Berthier, Grant            1607 3     36:W  8:W  4:L 10:L 24:W 14:L
18. Pomerenke, Zachary   QLD   1580 3     37:W  3:L  6:L 30:W 27:W  5:L
19. Slater-Jones, Henry  QLD   1570 3.5   38:W 10:W  5:D  3:L 13:W 11:L
20. Stokes, Mark C       QLD   1539 2      1:L 31:W 11:L 33:W 15:L 27:L
21. Buciu, Aurel-John    QLD   1500 3      2:L 26:W   :D  7:L 34:D 32:W
22. Wang, Jason          QLD   1476 3.5    3:D  7:L 31:W 26:W  5:D 16:D
23. Hamilton, Don        QLD   1447 2.5    4:L 32:W  8:L 34:D 26:D 12:D
24. Brewster, Theodora   QLD   1411 3      5:L 33:W 13:W 11:L 17:L 35:W
25. Mills, Ross          QLD   1381 3      6:L 34:W 10:L 32:W  8:L 30:W
26. Oka, Hikaru          QLD   1229 3      7:D 21:L 30:W 22:L 23:D 33:W
27. Sayinath, Vyshak     QLD   1086 3      8:L 36:W 12:L 35:W 18:L 20:W
28. Harris, Stephen            918  1      9:L 35:L   :D   :D 32:L 36:L
29. Arthur, Leonard      QLD   891  2     10:L 38:W 16:L 13:L 33:L 37:W
30. Young, Gail          QLD   837  2     11:L 37:W 26:L 18:L 36:W 25:L
31. Rogers, Jim          QLD   812  1     12:L 20:L 22:L 37:W 35:L 38:L
32. Morris, Byron        QLD   700  2     13:L 23:L 36:W 25:L 28:W 21:L
33. Dong, Alexander      QLD   670  2     14:L 24:L 38:W 20:L 29:W 26:L
34. Patel, Khush         QLD   635  2     15:L 25:L 37:W 23:D 21:D 13:L
35. Zhuang, Raymond      QLD   595  2     16:L 28:W 14:L 27:L 31:W 24:L
36. Anand, Aditya        QLD   560  2     17:L 27:L 32:L 38:W 30:L 28:W
37. McKenzie, Melody     ACT   498  1     18:L 30:L 34:L 31:L 38:W 29:L
38. Cooper, Samantha     QLD        1     19:L 29:L 33:L 36:L 37:L 31:W
39. Sakran, Bernard                 0       :    :    :    :    :    : 
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March 2017 ACF Ratings

ACF rating list for players with a rating. More information on ACF ratings can be found under ratings on the Australian Chess Federation Website.

The following table of QLD rated players, who have played since 2015 is large and might not load on all devices.

RatingGamesRank (AUS)Rank (QLD)Name
4g5Aanan, Shafiuddin
2137?07813Abylkassov, Ivan
1385!01154164Adams, Ray
44602123396Ahern, Sophia
1735!1247663Al Zaher, Louay
609?01990365Allan, Tosh
1096!!341545234Anand, Aditya
986?01649259Archibald, Scott
676??01941351Arratoon, Hayden
3g0Arthur, David
919!!71727277Arthur, Leonard
1097!91544233Atia, Ben
718!61903336Atia, Raphael
1775!742755Au, Alexander
551?02035379Avery, Jasmine
74251882323Avery, Sid
6g0Banks, Jaiden
962!!151683268Bargo, Peter-John
1389!01146163Barker, Tyson
1192?01442214Barroso, Xavier
1421?01076155Beardmore, Steve
3g0Beel, Daniel
118101454216Bender, Peter G
16020743102Berthier, Grant
1499!11930123Bhatti, Karan
1g8Bialkowski, Witold
400?02177412Birdacel, Anastasia
1428?161057150Black, Nick
7g0Black, Peter
5g0Blair, Niall
100801627249Bleney, Rebecca
3g0Bombardieri, Sam
3g0Bomdadieri, Sam
3g6Bonell, Brendan
1458!01004140Boonow, Henry
481?02087391Born, Jazz
1362?01191167Bourke, Ronald
725??01898333Bow, Nathan
96431681267Braybrooke, Norm
859!181784293Breeden, Marek
1121!71516225Brewster, Theodora
1g0Browning, Greg
1594!!13756105Buciu, Aurel-John [CM]
4g5Burling, Thomas
6g0Caesar, Harry
1g1Campbell, Benjamin
1007!!251630250Carter, Martin
1819037548Casey, Kevin
1862!!031237Cashman, Michael
Unr1Castelli, Craig
2161!127111Castor, David
1519!0893117Cekulis, Maris
1334!01234172Cervenjak, Mark
119801435213Cervenjak, Matthew
1503!14921121Chan, Jacob
1429!171054149Chan, Jason
1000!191637253Chan, Jordan
730!71893330Chan, Lyanna
3g0Chapple, Blake
81881814306Chatterton, Keith
4g0Chavan, Aaditya
481!172087391Chen, Austin
22202317449Cheng, Eddie
42502151403Cheng, Ernie
1284??01304186Cho, Adrian
1g0Chou, Kevin
3g0Chyi, Der-An
123401373203Cigelj, David
844??01792297Clancy, Daniel
1g0Clarke, Brodie
337??02234427Clarke, Hugh
627!131980364Congreve, Sophie
4g5Cook, Joshua
14680979133Cooke, Steven L
15602351456Cooper, Phoenix
27802281441Cooper, Samantha
1451!71014143Craven, Mark A
Unr3Crisp, Bailey
1662!061484Cronin, Peter
1427?01060151Croucher, Toshio
356?02219422Cui, Michael
1284!!71304186Curtain, Joseph
1424!41064152Curtis, Shaun
727??01895331Cuttell, James
281?32279439D'Andrea, Gill
1842!034342D'Arcy, Michael
128201308188Dahl, Brandon
423??02152404Dance, Eran
3g0Dann, James
1641?065992Davidovici, Michael
15150901118Davidovici, Victor
1353!01206169Davies, Andrew William
32402245429Davis, Benjamin
1322!121255176Davis, Stephen J
102701612246de Git, Cole
581??02013372De Thomassis, Lincoln
1672!1159680De Vere, Cameron
2g0Dechphant, Peerapat
449?02121395Deen, Seth
82001812305Deient, Erwin
1072?01558236Desses, Alexander
1576!0791106Deuble, Mark
77451850313Devlin, Izak
839??51797298Diedrick, Gabriel
1264??01334193Diep, Tony
174??02343453Do Rozario, George
4g5Dodge, Adam
931!!221717274Dong, Alexander
1422?01072154Donovan, Wilbur
738!51884325Dougherty, Colin Fred
685!51932348Douglas, Cooper
2032!!1513818Dowden, Tony
1099121540232Draskic, Milenko
264?02293443Dudgeon, Elliott
1829!!1436145Duffin, Mike
346!!162227425Dullaway, Erin
417!182158406Dullaway, Michael
281?02279439Dunbar, James
3g0Dunn, Peter
1475!0972131Dyer, Jeff
1068??01563238East, Marcel
4g0Edmondson, Sam
136491187165Edwards, Regina
2g0Elishav, Heaven
1641!065992Esmaili, Ali
733??01888327Every, Ethan
1497!10937124Fahey, Aaron
35362221424Fang, Dillon
313?122253432Farrall, Alexander
238?02309447Fei, Frank
710??01908338Field, Harley
3g6Findlay, Evan
1463!0989135Flitcroft-Smith, George P
1329!!121240174Flynn, Chris
3g0Fon, Luka
1698!054570Ford, Daniel
1257?01341195Ford, Lyall
1635!!2467095Fossey, Allan
3g0Foster, Jude
1511!6910120Fotinos, Charles
930?01718275Franco, James
1116171522228Fraser, Daniel
706!161913340Fraser, Evan
510?52060382Fraser, Grant
1464?0986134Fraser, Wayne G
1108?61530230Frelek, Ray
2g0Frolova, Regina
5g0Fukumoto, Shinya
1395??01136162Gage, Sam
3g0Gardiner, Graeme
1246!111354199Gardner, Warren J
3g0Gargan, Tom
904!81740281Garland, Ross
1741!!1246960Ghodosi, Hossein
836!91799300Gill, Sam
1571!0795107Gilpin, Matthew
1g8Girone, Mario
4g0Goodwin, Callum
3g0Gore, Charles
569??02021374Gorrie, Georgia
3g6Gosney, Paul
51202057381Granger, Riley
1650!!664387Gray, David Peter H
3g0Green, Hayden
569?02021374Grice, Abbey
1254?01345196Guerra, Jorge
898??01748284Guo, Nelson
1488!!32951128Hamilton, Don
302?02262435Hampapur, Aryan
287?02273436Hansen, Brodie
3g0Harnischfeger, Steven
1297!101286182Harris, Bruce
1691!055672Harris, John
121601408207Harris, Patrick
755!!121871319Harris, Stephen
1877!728833Harris, Timothy
1g0Harvie, Keira
776?01847312Hawkins, Colm
443?02130400Hawkins, Eamonn
992?01642254Henrick, Ken
112301515224Hesse, Greg
500??62069386Hill, Connor
719?01902335Hiller, James
116501472219Hiller, Peter
1706552768Hindley, Simon
744121878320Hitchcock, Cameron
1880?028132Holliday, Bruce M
1798!!740052Holt, Stuart
248??02304445Hong-Lee, Kai
1003?01634252Hope, Mackenzie
901!71745282Houghton, Samuel
76621857314Howard-Mowat, Oliver
374?02200418Howard-Mowat, Toby
Unr2Howe, Oliver
1530!6875115Howes, Tony
286?02274437Hsieh, Daniel
14002357459Hsieh, Hank
862!61780291Huang, Aaron
15962349454Huang, Adam
3g0Huang, Billy
395?52182413Huang, Jeffrey
1781??042354Hughes, Harry
1227!141389205Humphrey, John
11702363462Hung, Ethan
1644?065189Hunt, Samuel
444?02129399Hupje, Daniel
704!41917344Hurse, Lachlan
732!181890329Ilka, Alexander
594!172005370Ilka, William
1801?039751Jack, Martin
4g0Jefferson, Oliver
1598!!9749104Jempson, Ross
599??02001367Jiang, Chuanshu
Unr1Johnson, Ian
1680058076Johnson, Nicholas
Unr5Johnston, Henry
1818!!2937749Johnston, Thomas
836?01799300Jones, Coen
1203?51425210Jones, Jonathan
4g5Jones, Lachlan
1g0Jones, Steve
110??02365463Jones, Wesley
1502?0925122Joseph, Siju
2024!!914219Jule, Alexandra [WIM]
764!71860315Jule, Elena
1751045958Jule, Sebastian
2g0Kangatharan, Krishna
106171571240Kaplun, Tony
4g0Karekal, Siddesh
92601722276Kay, Elizabeth
1703!754069Kay, James
49152078390Kay, Stephanie
660??01953356Kennedy, Henry
914?01731279Kennedy, Tom
3g0Kerisnowski, Toby
1684!657175Kershaw, Max
1740!647161Kitikov, Oleg
812?01820307Kobituwakku, Dulin
882!251760288Kodituwakku, Dulin Nethsuka
5g0Koloszar, Chris
1676!!1458878Korenevski, Oleg [CM]
2g0Koruikina, Daria
1029!01608244Kospartov, Nick
1639!066394Krause, Terry
31802248430Kua, Emily
32802238428Kubo, Io
966!71676265Kularatna, Mineth
1222?01397206Kulkaew, Knight
428?02145401Kull, Roman
1072!01558236Kuypers, Ron
969?01668262Laczko, Anastasia
1334!61234172Laizans, Martin
367?102208420Lam, Colin
1944!!2621126Lam, Ross [CM]
310?02256434Langdon-Macmillan, Sebastian
2g0Langridge, Gordon
14602354457Lannon, Aurora
1885??027531Lapitan, Daniel
40902167408Laurens, Joshua
495??02073387Lawrence, Indruh
7g0Le, Daniel
126031340194Le, Terrence
57502016373Lee, Chun
3g0Lee, Eugeny
1460?0997138Lee, Leon
796?01833310Lee, Simho
2021!514520Lester, George E
760!!231865316Li, Allan
382!162195416Li, Cynthia
898!111748284Li, Jason
34572229426Li, Ray
159?02349454Li, Rui-Kang
41902155405Li, Shaun
3g6Li, Xia
1497!0937124Liang, Raymond
3g0Liebold, Hunter
388!62189414Lin, Ian
38102196417Lin, Joe
1736647562Littleboy, Bruce
702!71919345Liu, Charlie
1732?048164Liu, David
493?02077389Liu, Henry
2368!!8295Liu, Yi [FM]
1g0Lo, Alex
966!181676265Lo, Jonathan
1243121357201Lo, Kenneth
135?02359460Lo, Micah
141571090157Lockley, Paul
2g0Lohmann, Gabriel
851??01789296Lomsargis, Adam
241?92306446Long, Angus
1649064588Long, Sam
1832!035744Louie, Jared [CM]
2129!08314Louie, Ryan [FM]
1803!!1239550Lovejoy, David
67741940350Lovli, Werner
1618??070798Lowe, Joshua
263?02294444Lu, Noah
129201293183Luke-Paredi, Jack
6g0Lutz, Isaac
1g0Luxton, Archie
2494!!2281Ly, Moulthun [IM]
899!61747283Ly-Liu, Alexavier
119?02362461Ly-Liu, Isaac
1405!51114160Macleod, Keith
3g0Mactaggart, Fergus
446?02123396Maczkowiack, Bob
4g5Magnano, Dan
2093!!2810117Maguire, Tom
47852090393Mahaarachchi, Tiran
4g0Malhotra, Gauresh
4g0Malhotra, Niharika
1437!141045147Manuneedhi, Kabilan
3g0Marcus, Logan
14790966130Marinovic, Brian
3g0Marsh, Sam
1g0Martin, Jacob
1875!029034Mather, Andrew
632??01978363Mathur, Jai
1029?01608244Matsuura, Keanu
1613!071799McCarthy, Oliver
2466!!25102McClymont, Brodie [IM]
758?01866317McConnell, Anneliese
854??01786294McConnell, Harrison
987??01648258McConnell, Matthew
3g0Mcdougall, Ethan
15400852112McGee, Michael C
1560?0812109McIntyre, Brock
706!01913340McKenzie, Melody
1462?0992136McLean, Matthew
1158!101478221McRoberts, Anthony J
3g6Meara, Mark Lee
3g0Medill, Ethan
6g0Meggitt, Tom
5g0Mejia Ortiz, Edwin
833?01804302Mendoza, Darcy
65901954357Menham, Allan
197142333451Mercado, Eowyn
1136!!321502223Mercado, Rover-Leigh
4g5Meyer, Charlie
1g3Meyer, Jacob
3g0Michael, Tony
598?02002368Micklesson, Arlen
1020?01617248Micklesson-Scott, Jack
7g0Mikumoto, Shinya
1g0Milani, Peter
2g0Milbourne, Noah
1g0Mills, Kieran
1211!111416209Mills, Ross
130601276180Mills-Ryan, Gareth
50442066384Ming, Kenny
3g0Minor, Sean
916!01730278Momot, Alex
666?01949353Morris, Adam Isaac
1449!!291017144Morris, Byron
14626992136Morris, Joshua
1536!6856113Morris, Tony
893!01752286Moss, Jasper
1184!01451215Mulholland, Philip
143801042146Muller, Hans-Peter
210109416Muller, Jonas [CM]
1845!033941Myers, John
957??01687269Myhill, Alex
6g0Naidoo, Dylan
6g0Naidoo, Rhys
2288!!19427Nakauchi, Gene [FM]
1441?61032145Nataprawira, Halim
723??01900334Navidgeran, Farbod
Unr3Nekvapil, Ivo
1292!!181293183Ng, Sze-Yong
695??01927347Nguyen, Kevin
1286?01298185Noack, Daniel
100401631251Norouz, Bardia
991!81644255O'Donnell, Aidan
1401??61123161O'Donohue, Mark
1745!!1246359O'Shaughnessy, Dave
Unr5O'Toole, Seth
1668!760282Offermans, Peter
1424!231064152Oka, Hikaru
645!171968362Oka, Itsuki
887!151755287Oka, Tsukasa
1865?030536Onilongo, Edwin
852!251788295Ooi, Jayden
1862!!3331237Ostapenko, Michael
1g0Ostapenko, Slava
1298?01285181Ozaslan, Metin
1602!21743102Paevskiy, Igor
72641897332Paliwoda, Alex
116341475220Paliwoda, John
3g0Pallentine, James
555??42031378Palmer, Aaron
1752!545857Pardoen, Alain
1971!!919025Parle, Hughston
669!161947352Patel, Himanshu
1095!!261547235Patel, Khush
53372045380Patel, Shubh
1235!01370202Patissier, Dominic
1213121412208Peach, Ben
1563?0804108Peck, Robbie
209??02324450Pedernal, Brent
861!161783292Pendrith, Mark
3g0Penna, Dale
234?52311448Perina, Jade
586?02012371Perina, Ryan
60701991366Perry, Daniel
743?01879321Peters, Joshua
3g0Petersen, Will
698??01925346Petrie, Nicholas
27782283442Phang, Yang-Hian
1528?0878116Pierotti, Brendan
947??01702271Pike, Jeremy
972??01665261Pollard, Matthew
1698!1754570Pomerenke, Zachary
986??01649259Poon, Ivan
1822!036947Post, Martin
1452!01011142Potts, John B
362??02211421Preshy, Allen
832?51806303Pulman, Andrew
569!72021374Qu, Anson
3g6Rahman, Ayan
14950941126Rajabian, Hassan
3g0Ramnanan, Gaurav
1343!41219170Randall, David
2g0Rawlley, Aarav
596!142004369Relekar, Kanak
2238!8508Richards, Heather [WIM]
1545!0840110Riggs, Michael
1328!61242175Ringrose, Jonathan
105301581241Ringrose, Kyle
5g0Robertson, Alex
1611!7724100Robinson, Andrew J
1338?01229171Rochford, Karl
823!!181808304Rogers, Jim
406?02170409Rubis, Nikita
451??02119394Ryan, Courtney
78901839311Ryland, John
6g0Sabeti, Mahmoud
405?22172410Sabeti, Sepehr
838101798299Safari Nejad, Reza
Unr5Sage-Bergan, Kyle
115201482222Sakran, Bernard
1829?636145Salahuddin, Mohammad
951?01697270Samuels-Rosser, Bryce
1231!01380204Sands, Gary A
3g0Saniel, Isaiah
1181!71454216Sarney, Jim
1314!121268179Sayinath, Vyshak
3g6Scarf, Rex
3g0Sebastian, Theo
1282121308188Sedl, Thomas
1771!743456Selnes, Hamish
127701317192Seo, Jay
1047?51587242Shaw, Ron
989?21646257Sheldon, Daniel
743??01879321Shorey, Caleb
66201951354Simic, Filip
15430845111Simmonds, Leteisha
1690!!1856073Slater-Jones, Henry [CM]
1994!!917023Slater-Jones, Tom [CM]
1119121518226Smirnov, Philipp
386?62191415Smith, Caleb
3g0Smith, Levi
Unr5Smith, Mitchel
285??02276438Smith, Noah J
2g7Smith, Zachary
1710051566Smrek, Dusan
131801259177Smyth, Ben
2424!!41204Solomon, Stephen J [IM]
404?02173411Somani, Ashwin
2g0Somasundaram, Jayakumar
1g0Somasundaram, Saravanan
1474?0973132Song, Kevin
2177!07010Soo-Burrowes, Eliot W [FM]
1254!01345196Sorensen, Finn
37452200418Spence, Ian
646?01965360Sprague, Matthew
1934022227Spuler, David
1889!026730Stahnke, Alexander
140901106159Stahnke, Axel
1410?01102158Stanciu, Alin
1784!!1842053Stark, Ken
Unr3Stenson, Matt
706?51913340Stenson, Sam
Unr6Stenson, Thomas
15350858114Stephen, Sam
711?01906337Stephens, Benjamin
21876679Stephson, David J
2g0Stevanovic, Jovo
1652?063686Stevens, Ryan
214307712Stevens, Tristan
567??02024377Stevenson, Ethan
1642065690Stewart, Craig A
2313!!21376Stojic, Dusan [FM]
1484!!38957129Stokes, Mark C
91381732280Stower, Michael
120081431211Stringfellow, Aaron
1066!221565239Su, Lucas
708!261911339Su, Marcus
2g0Su, William
1679658277Summers, Paul G
680??01937349Suraweera, Adheesha
4g5Sweetman, Nathan
4g5Szabo, Wendy
1g0Talluri, Samson
495?22073387Tan, Kevin
1642065690Taylor, Ben
872?61769289Taylor, Flynn
99031645256Tchitaev, Nina
653?01958359Teimoori, Ali
1g0Teng, Zhexi
1245!!241355200Tennakoon, Nadula
1661!!661685Therakam, Clint
1g0Tho, Maxey
3g0Tidswell, Ben
1200!01431211Timbrell, Greg
1g0Tirumalasetti, Manomai
2g0To, Andrew
1112??01525229Trinh, Andrew
75801866317Trinh, Ian
3g0Trubshaw, Ben
1997!016322Truscott, Anthony J
2007!!2015821Tsai, Charles [FM]
16050737101Tsai, Wei-wei
968!!301672264Tseng, Daniel
1454?01009141Turner, Justin
1280?01312190Ulahannan, Thomas
6g0Ulysses, Niel
1315!01263178Uscinski, Jordan
410?112164407Vakkalagadda, Tilak
1g0Van Der Byl, Orsen
1635!067095Van Der Meer, Andrew
1848?033240Van Pelt, Michael
1872029535Van Renen, Mike
1903!025128Vandervalk, Steven
428?62145401Varcoe, Talia
2g0Vo, Tom
1898??025629Vohla, Mihkel
2g7Voloshko, Evgeny
1686!!1856974Vucak, Mark
737?01885326Waddell, Craig
3g0Waite, Greg
3g0Walker, Douglas G
142?02355458Walker, Jack
1840?634543Walker, John D
1850!!433039Walker, Tyson [CM]
2g0Wang, Daniel (2000)
938!!131710273Wang, Eason
3g0Wang, Henry
1707!2052167Wang, Jason
1493!!23945127Warta, George
706!!201913340Watkins, Bridgette
354!222220423Watkins, Rachel Jane
742!291882323Watkins, Sophie
1118??01519227Webb, Nicholas
1363?01189166Weber, Kent
1714!!3250565Weller, Tony
733?01888327West, Oliver
1512!!12903119Whalley, Lee
6g3White, Daniel
6g3Wilkinson, Blair
1174!61464218Willcock, Brian
1100?01538231Willemse, Louis
867!141775290Willett, John
212898515Williams, Bruce
1665060783Williams, Douglas
125101351198Wilson, Bryce
1674059379Wilson, Callum
197??02333451Withoos, Kaitlyn
2444!7123Wohl, Aleksandar H [IM]
312?02254433Wong, Cern
1g0Wong, Ern
3g0Wong, Ming Yau
802?91829309Worsley, John
317?92251431Worsley, Mark
Unr6Worsley, Phuong
646!71965360Yamaguchi, Mayuri
1g0Yang, Daniel
446!72123396Yang, Melody
1280!71312190Yang, Oliver
1354!01203168Yang, Thomas
662!71951354Yeung, Jennifer
2g0Yin, Ben
Unr2Yoo, Kevin
502!82068385Young, Arden
1417!121086156Young, Dashiell
811!!91821308Young, Gail
1671!059781Young, Nathanael
969??01668262Young, Phil
50602064383Yu, Nathaniel
65901954357Yuan, Dylan
1023??01616247Zelich, Ivan
1624069897Zhang, Derek
1459?01000139Zhang, Zhaorui (Arthis)
1041?01596243Zhao, Andong
1975!!2718324Zhong, Tony (Junhao)
940!61709272Zhuang, Raymond
143701045147Zuegn, Alfred

Townsville Open 6th-7th August

Townsville Open

Starts:August 6, 2016
Ends: August 7, 2016
Location: Hotel Grand Chancellor Townsville, 334 Flinders St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia
Description: North Queensland Open is back this year with a bumper prize fund to get you all excited! This event promise to be a lot of fun and is conveniently located to make it easy to get around, with many dining and accommodation options nearby.

Full details can be found at Tournament Details.

entry form.

A reminder that to play in this event you will need to be a CAQ Member. To become a member, please sign up at CAQ Membership