Queensland Open 30th April -2nd May 2016 Results

Cross Table

No Name                    Feder Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7  

1  Solomon, Stephen J      QLD   2403 6     24:W 19:W  8:W  2:W  3:L 10:W  5:W
2  Stojic, Dusan           QLD   2241 6     37:W 15:W 18:W  1:L 28:W  3:W  9:W
3  McClymont, Brodie       QLD   2472 5.5   36:W 20:W 13:W  5:D  1:W  2:L 11:W
4  Jule, Alexandra         QLD   2009 5.5   39:W 16:W  9:D  6:W  5:D 11:D 14:W
5  Stephson, David J       QLD   2079 5     38:W 14:W 10:W  3:D  4:D 17:W  1:L
6  Walker, John D          QLD   1853 5     25:W 29:W 23:W  4:L 10:L 22:W 17:W
7  Weller, Tony            QLD   1734 5     26:W 30:L 39:W 15:W 18:W  9:L 20:W
8  Harris, John            QLD   1704 5     40:W 34:W  1:L 21:W 11:L 36:W 27:W
9  Pomerenke, Zachary      QLD   1580 5     54:W 51:W  4:D 12:W 17:D  7:W  2:L
10 Salahuddin, Mohammad    QLD   1423 5     50:W 11:W  5:L 13:W  6:W  1:L 18:W
11 Cashman, Michael        QLD   1889 4.5   61:W 10:L 37:W 29:W  8:W  4:D  3:L
12 Somasundaram, Jayakumar       1853 4.5   46:W 21:W 30:D  9:L 20:W 14:L 31:W
13 Lovejoy, David          QLD   1723 4.5   52:W 22:W  3:L 10:L  0:D 21:W 30:W
14 Littleboy, Bruce        QLD   1478 4.5   55:W  5:L 26:W 27:D 45:W 12:W  4:L
15 Hamilton, Don           QLD   1447 4.5   47:W  2:L 52:W  7:L 37:W 32:D 29:W
16 Fraser, Wayne G         QLD   1423 4.5   49:W  4:L  0:D 31:W 32:D  0:D 28:W
17 Barber, Geoffrey        VIC   1648 4      0:D 45:W 31:W 30:W  9:D  5:L  6:L
18 Harris, Timothy         QLD   1617 4     32:W 27:W  2:L 23:W  7:L 35:W 10:L
19 McIntyre, Brock         QLD   1574 4     41:W  1:L 46:W 32:D 30:W 27:D  0: 
20 Stokes, Mark C          QLD   1539 4     42:W  3:L 25:W 51:W 12:L 23:W  7:L
21 Oka, Hikaru             QLD   1229 4     56:W 12:L 43:W  8:L 38:W 13:L 32:W
22 Sedl, Thomas            QLD   1158 4     59:W 13:L 32:L 40:W 26:W  6:L 37:W
23 Carter, Martin          QLD   1005 4     53:W 28:W  6:L 18:L 41:W 20:L 39:W
24 Oka, Tsukasa            QLD   585  4      1:L 55:W 27:L 41:L 50:W 52:W 44:W
25 Oka, Itsuki             QLD   415  4      6:L 59:W 20:L 44:L 43:W 53:W 36:W
26 Relekar, Kanak          QLD   335  4      7:L 56:W 14:L 53:W 22:L 51:W 35:W
27 Jones, Jonathan                    4     35:W 18:L 24:W 14:D 51:W 19:D  8:L
28 Bourke, Ronald          QLD   1621 3.5   43:W 23:L 38:W 35:W  2:L 29:D 16:L
29 Mills, Ross             QLD   1381 3.5   44:W  6:L 40:W 11:L 39:W 28:D 15:L
30 Harris, Patrick         QLD   1091 3.5   58:W  7:W 12:D 17:L 19:L 45:W 13:L
31 Moss, Jasper            QLD   824  3.5    0:D 33:W 17:L 16:L 34:W 46:W 12:L
32 Peach, Ben                         3.5   18:L 57:W 22:W 19:D 16:D 15:D 21:L
33 Robertson, Alex         QLD        3.5    0:D 31:L 45:L 61:+ 46:L 50:W 48:W
34 Young, Gail             QLD   837  3     57:W  8:L  0:D 45:L 31:L  0:D 46:W
35 Devlin, Izak            QLD   829  3     27:L 41:W 44:W 28:L 48:W 18:L 26:L
36 Hill, Connor                  594  3      3:L 54:W 51:L 43:W 44:W  8:L 25:L
37 Anand, Aditya           QLD   560  3      2:L 42:W 11:L 55:W 15:L 40:W 22:L
38 Meyer, Jacob                  551  3      5:L 50:W 28:L 49:W 21:L 41:L 53:W
39 Lincoln, Rheanca              543  3      4:L 47:W  7:L 54:W 29:L 42:W 23:L
40 Taylor, Flynn           QLD        3      8:L 58:W 29:L 22:L 47:W 37:L 45:W
41 Edmondson, Sam                     3     19:L 35:L 56:W 24:W 23:L 38:W  0: 
42 Lamble, Oliver                     3     20:L 37:L 53:L 59:W 49:W 39:L 55:W
43 Lincoln, Selinca                   3     28:L 48:W 21:L 36:L 25:L 57:W 52:W
44 Spence, Ian                        3     29:L 61:W 35:L 25:W 36:L 56:W 24:L
45 Palmer, Aaron           QLD   628  2.5    0:D 17:L 33:W 34:W 14:L 30:L 40:L
46 McKenzie, Melody        ACT   498  2.5   12:L 49:W 19:L 50:D 33:W 31:L 34:L
47 Hindmarsh, Max                     2.5   15:L 39:L 48:L 58:W 40:L 49:D 54:W
48 Archibald, Emelia                  2.5   51:L 43:L 47:W 52:W 35:L  0:D 33:L
49 Taylor, Noah                       2.5   16:L 46:L 61:W 38:L 42:L 47:D 58:W
50 Pedernal, Brent                    2.5   10:L 38:L 57:W 46:D 24:L 33:L 56:W
51 Frelek, Ray             QLD   1712 2     48:W  9:L 36:W 20:L 27:L 26:L  0: 
52 McCarthy, Kyle                     2     13:L 53:W 15:L 48:L 54:W 24:L 43:L
53 Meyer, Charlie                     2     23:L 52:L 42:W 26:L 55:W 25:L 38:L
54 Aanan, Shafiuddin                  2      9:L 36:L 59:W 39:L 52:L 58:W 47:L
55 Erwin, Samuel                      2     14:L 24:L 58:W 37:L 53:L 59:W 42:L
56 Galdwin, Samuel                    1.5   21:L 26:L 41:L 57:W  0:D 44:L 50:L
57 Crisp, Bailey                      1.5   34:L 32:L 50:L 56:L 61:+ 43:L 59:D
58 Hill, Grant                        1     30:L 40:L 55:L 47:L 59:W 54:L 49:L
59 Hindmarsh, Toni                    .5    22:L 25:L 54:L 42:L 58:L 55:L 57:D
60 Ousmand, Nizami         QLD   1637 0      0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0: 
61 Creevey, Connie-Jane          500  0     11:L 44:L 49:L 33:- 57:-  0:   0: 
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April Open 2016 Results


38 keen chess players took part in the 2016 April Open at Grace Lutheran College in Rothwell on Saturday April 9 and Sunday April 10. The number one seed was IM Brodie McClymont, with an ACF rating of 2472. But with players like the talented Yi Liu, rated 2316, the tactical Gene Nakauchi, rated 2289 and the very consistent Tony Dowden, rated 2067 in the field, Brodie would have some work to do. The tournament had 13 players rated above 1700 as well.

But Brodie rose to every challenge and with 6 straight wins over Mark Stokes, Tony Weller, Tony Zhong, Yi Liu, Tony Dowden and Hughston Parle he convincingly won the event and the $700 first prize cheque was all his. Gene Nakauchi took outright second place with 5 points and Yi Liu and Edwin Onilongo shared third place with 4.5 points from their 6 games.

Brodie has a very impressive record in Queensland week-enders and in 2016 has now won both The Mackay Open and The April Open with picket fences! You can view Brodie’s convincinging win in Round 1 over CAQ President Mark C Stokes and Tony Dowden’s fine win over Ross Lam on ChessChat.
Mark Stokes


Cross Table

No  Name                 Feder Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1.  McClymont, Brodie    QLD   2472 6     20:W 12:W  9:W  2:W  4:W 10:W
2.  Liu, Yi              QLD   2316 4.5   21:W 11:W 15:W  1:L  3:D  9:W
3.  Nakauchi, Gene       QLD   2289 5     22:D 18:W  7:W 19:W  2:D  4:W
4.  Dowden, Tony         QLD   2067 4     23:W 13:W 17:W  5:W  1:L  3:L
5.  Lam, Ross            QLD   1911 4     24:W 14:W 19:D  4:L 22:D 18:W
6.  Cashman, Michael     QLD   1889 3.5   25:W 15:L 18:W 12:D 16:W  7:L
7.  Onilongo, Edwin      QLD   1801 4.5   26:D 22:W  3:L 21:W 12:W  6:W
8.  Walker, Tyson        QLD   1786 4     27:W 17:L 23:W 14:L 25:W 15:W
9.  Zhong, Tony (Junhao) QLD   1785 4     28:W 16:W  1:L 15:W 11:W  2:L
10. Parle, Hughston      QLD   1775 4     29:W 19:L 25:W 17:W 14:W  1:L
11. Ostapenko, Michael   QLD   1757 4     30:W  2:L 20:W 24:W  9:L 19:W
12. Weller, Tony         QLD   1734 3     31:W  1:L 27:W  6:D  7:L 23:D
13. Au, Alexander        QLD   1722 3     32:W  4:L 24:L 29:W 19:L 34:W
14. Therakam, Clint      QLD   1648 4     33:W  5:L 35:W  8:W 10:L 17:W
15. Seabrook, Roy        QLD   1645 3     34:W  6:W  2:L  9:L 20:W  8:L
16. Cronin, Peter        QLD   1636 3     35:W  9:L 29:W   :D  6:L 22:D
17. Berthier, Grant            1607 3     36:W  8:W  4:L 10:L 24:W 14:L
18. Pomerenke, Zachary   QLD   1580 3     37:W  3:L  6:L 30:W 27:W  5:L
19. Slater-Jones, Henry  QLD   1570 3.5   38:W 10:W  5:D  3:L 13:W 11:L
20. Stokes, Mark C       QLD   1539 2      1:L 31:W 11:L 33:W 15:L 27:L
21. Buciu, Aurel-John    QLD   1500 3      2:L 26:W   :D  7:L 34:D 32:W
22. Wang, Jason          QLD   1476 3.5    3:D  7:L 31:W 26:W  5:D 16:D
23. Hamilton, Don        QLD   1447 2.5    4:L 32:W  8:L 34:D 26:D 12:D
24. Brewster, Theodora   QLD   1411 3      5:L 33:W 13:W 11:L 17:L 35:W
25. Mills, Ross          QLD   1381 3      6:L 34:W 10:L 32:W  8:L 30:W
26. Oka, Hikaru          QLD   1229 3      7:D 21:L 30:W 22:L 23:D 33:W
27. Sayinath, Vyshak     QLD   1086 3      8:L 36:W 12:L 35:W 18:L 20:W
28. Harris, Stephen            918  1      9:L 35:L   :D   :D 32:L 36:L
29. Arthur, Leonard      QLD   891  2     10:L 38:W 16:L 13:L 33:L 37:W
30. Young, Gail          QLD   837  2     11:L 37:W 26:L 18:L 36:W 25:L
31. Rogers, Jim          QLD   812  1     12:L 20:L 22:L 37:W 35:L 38:L
32. Morris, Byron        QLD   700  2     13:L 23:L 36:W 25:L 28:W 21:L
33. Dong, Alexander      QLD   670  2     14:L 24:L 38:W 20:L 29:W 26:L
34. Patel, Khush         QLD   635  2     15:L 25:L 37:W 23:D 21:D 13:L
35. Zhuang, Raymond      QLD   595  2     16:L 28:W 14:L 27:L 31:W 24:L
36. Anand, Aditya        QLD   560  2     17:L 27:L 32:L 38:W 30:L 28:W
37. McKenzie, Melody     ACT   498  1     18:L 30:L 34:L 31:L 38:W 29:L
38. Cooper, Samantha     QLD        1     19:L 29:L 33:L 36:L 37:L 31:W
39. Sakran, Bernard                 0       :    :    :    :    :    : 
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March 2017 ACF Ratings

ACF rating list for players with a rating. More information on ACF ratings can be found under ratings on the Australian Chess Federation Website.

The following table of QLD rated players, who have played since 2015 is large and might not load on all devices.

RatingsGamesRank (AUS)Rank (QLD)Name
2138?07311Abylkassov, Ivan
1386!01144160Adams, Ray
446122163398Ahern, Sophia
1622068597Al Zaher, Louay
3g0Alahakoon, Kithmini
609?42011361Allan, Tosh
941!!281714268Anand, Aditya
986?01660254Archibald, Scott
677??01950347Arratoon, Hayden
3g0Arthur, David
888!!111764283Arthur, Leonard
958!261692263Atia, Ben
611!!252010360Atia, Raphael
1659!!2060878Au, Alexander
New7Aum, Sarani
551?02068378Avery, Jasmine
74401894319Avery, Sid
333??02260425Bakon, Robert
4g0Bandara, Uvindu
6g0Banks, Jaiden
New7Bao, Tiger
959!41689262Bargo, Peter-John
1389!01139159Barker, Tyson
1193?01441209Barroso, Xavier
4g5Barry, David
5g0Beane, Callum
142101063150Beardmore, Steve
3g0Beel, Daniel
Unr5Belozerov, Arten
1181!01457214Bender, Peter G
New9Bergoff, Mitchell
16020722103Berthier, Grant
1463!0990136Bhatti, Karan
401?62212411Birdacel, Anastasia
7g0Black, Peter
5g0Blair, Niall
100911638247Bleney, Rebecca
2g0Bolton, Jack
3g0Bombardieri, Sam
3g6Bomdadieri, Sam
1458!6999140Boonow, Henry
481?32121390Born, Jazz
1362?01180164Bourke, Ronald
725??01911331Bow, Nathan
96231687261Braybrooke, Norm
4g0Breeden, Marek
1128!101515224Brewster, Theodora
New4Brookes, Ardy
New8Brown, Harry
1g0Browning, Greg
83701810294Buciu, Alex
1570!!15787108Buciu, Aurel-John [CM]
New4Burda, Daniel
6g0Caesar, Harry
2g7Campbell, Benjamin
New8Carr, Ethan
1067!!111580238Carter, Martin
1820035544Casey, Kevin
1863!!1529035Cashman, Michael
2086!010016Castor, David
1519!11888118Cekulis, Maris
1334!01231171Cervenjak, Mark
119801437208Cervenjak, Matthew
1370!151163162Chan, Jacob
151711892119Chan, Jacob
1393!201126157Chan, Jason
848!251798291Chan, Jordan
560!162061377Chan, Lyanna
1082??01560234Chandrasekara, Aishwarya
974??01672256Chandrasekara, Thasindu
3g6Chapple, Blake
Unr5Chapple, Jaiman
77561869312Chatterton, Keith
4g0Chavan, Aaditya
339!222258423Chen, Austin
455??02146393Chen, Daniel (GC)
3g0Chen, William
22252351450Cheng, Eddie
42552188403Cheng, Ernie
1284??01297185Cho, Adrian
1g8Chou, Kevin
3g0Chyi, Der-An
123401376199Cigelj, David
845??01801292Clancy, Daniel
1g2Clarke, Brodie
338??02259424Clarke, Hugh
New7Congreve, Lachlan
54872069379Congreve, Sophie
14680976133Cooke, Steven L
15752385456Cooper, Phoenix
278112313439Cooper, Samantha
1393!101126157Craven, Mark A
1662!1160377Cronin, Peter
1428?01049148Croucher, Toshio
356?92251422Cui, Michael
1224!!111399202Curtain, Joseph
1408!171094154Curtis, Shaun
727??01909329Cuttell, James
2g3D'Andrea, Gill
1842!632739D'Arcy, Michael
1283!51301186Dahl, Brandon
424??02189404Dance, Eran
3g0Dann, James
1641?064286Davidovici, Michael
1515!9895120Davidovici, Victor
1353!91196166Davies, Andrew William
32472272429Davis, Benjamin
1327!01240173Davis, Stephen J
1028!191622243de Git, Cole
581??02035369De Thomassis, Lincoln
15400847113De Vere, Cameron
2g0Dechphant, Peerapat
449?82157396Deen, Seth
82001824300Deient, Erwin
1072?01570236Desses, Alexander
1576!0776106Deuble, Mark
68961940344Devlin, Izak
3g0Diedrick, Gabriel
1265??01324190Diep, Tony
1g0Dischler, Iris
966??01682260Dixit, Ashish
174??02377454Do Rozario, George
815!!151827302Dong, Alexander
142201060149Donovan, Wilbur
697!01933340Dougherty, Colin Fred
676!61952348Douglas, Cooper
2028!!1113519Dowden, Tony
1732?047857Downs, Brendan
3g0Dubey, Hemish
264?02323441Dudgeon, Elliott
1816!036045Duffin, Mike
327!!262267427Dullaway, Erin
473!292129392Dullaway, Michael
281?92310438Dunbar, James
3g0Dunn, Peter
1475!1960129Dyer, Jeff
1068??01577237East, Marcel
4g0Edmondson, Sam
2g0Elishav, Heaven
1641!1164286Esmaili, Ali
734??01903325Every, Ethan
1431!!241041146Fahey, Aaron
25792327443Fang, Dillon
238?02342447Fei, Frank
710??01922336Field, Harley
989??01657252Flanigan, Stefan
1464!0988134Flitcroft-Smith, George P
1264!!111326191Flynn, Chris
3g0Fon, Luka
1699!!653869Ford, Daniel
1258?01333193Ford, Lyall
1672!!1358374Fossey, Allan
3g0Foster, Jude
1471!0969132Fotinos, Charles
931?51725271Franco, James
866?01780284Fraser, Daniel
743!151896321Fraser, Evan
274?02315440Fraser, Grant
1464?0988134Fraser, Wayne G
1152??01485220Frelek, Ray
2g0Frolova, Regina
5g4Fukumoto, Shinya
New8Gabriel, Zane
1396??01116155Gage, Sam
3g6Gardiner, Graeme
1259!01332192Gardner, Warren J
3g0Gargan, Tom
927!01727272Garland, Ross
1732!047857Ghodosi, Hossein
820!51824300Gill, Sam
1572!17783107Gilpin, Matthew
234??02345448Goh, Christian
3g0Gong, Simon
4g0Goodwin, Callum
3g0Gore, Charles
570??02050373Gorrie, Georgia
3g0Gorrie, Peter
512!52091382Granger, Riley
1636!!1065490Gray, David Peter H
1200?01435207Gray, Garvin
3g0Green, Hayden
Unr3Greensill, Clive
569?02051374Grice, Abbey
1254?01338194Guerra, Jorge
New4Gunarathne, Akein
898??01754279Guo, Nelson
1506!!16910121Hamilton, Don
302?02289433Hampapur, Aryan
287?02303434Hansen, Brodie
2g0Hargreaves, Branden
734?01903325Harmon, Martin
3g0Harnischfeger, Steven
1301!61275179Harris, Bruce
1691!055170Harris, John
121391417205Harris, Patrick
851!01793289Harris, Stephen
1813!936447Harris, Timothy
1g0Harvie, Keira
77781866310Hawkins, Colm
443?02168401Hawkins, Eamonn
New7He, Hilary
992?151653251Henrick, Ken
112301519227Hesse, Greg
4g0Hill, Connor
72001914334Hiller, James
116501473218Hiller, Peter
1713051564Hindley, Simon
566?02054376Hitchcock, Cameron
Unr5Hoang, Jodie
Unr2Hogan, Ellis
1880?1127031Holliday, Bruce M
1756!!1144254Holt, Stuart
387??02224414Hong, James
248??02336445Hong-Lee, Kai
1003?01644249Hope, Mackenzie
821!111821299Houghton, Samuel
New14Howard-Mowat, Charlotte
726!91910330Howard-Mowat, Oliver
374?92235417Howard-Mowat, Toby
1625!068095Howes, Tony
28682304435Hsieh, Daniel
14092391460Hsieh, Hank
730!91908328Huang, Aaron
14582388458Huang, Adam
3g0Huang, Billy
4g0Huang, Jeffrey
1781?040651Hughes, Harry
119301441209Humphrey, John
11782398464Hung, Ethan
1644?063884Hunt, Samuel
445?92167400Hupje, Daniel
722!01913333Hurse, Lachlan
594!142027367Ilka, Alexander
573!142044372Ilka, William
1802?037949Jack, Martin
4g0Jefferson, Oliver
1636!!1165490Jempson, Ross
600??02020365Jiang, Chuanshu
Unr3Johnson, Ian
1680057172Johnson, Nicholas
Unr5Johnston, Ryan
1627067594Johnston, Thomas
837?01810294Jones, Coen
2g0Jones, Jonathan
1g0Jones, Steve
110??02400465Jones, Wesley
15020914122Joseph, Siju
1958!!1118223Jule, Alexandra [WIM]
691!91938343Jule, Elena
1751044756Jule, Sebastian
2g0Kangatharan, Krishna
1093?01549233Kaplun, Tony
4g0Karekal, Siddesh
92651730273Kay, Elizabeth
1726!1648860Kay, James
42462189404Kay, Stephanie
1606?0714101Keller, Magnus
661??01970352Kennedy, Henry
91561741277Kennedy, Tom
3g0Kerisnowski, Toby
1689755671Kershaw, Max
2g0Key, Nathan
2g0Kim, Ho-Se
1721!!649861Kitikov, Oleg
536??02079380Kleinschmidt, Jay
New8Knudsen, Raphael
812?91831303Kobituwakku, Dulin
69501935341Kodituwakku, Dulin Nethsuka
5g1Koloszar, Chris
1717!!2050562Korenevski, Oleg [CM]
2g7Koruikina, Daria
1029!101620242Kospartov, Nick
1639!664888Krause, Terry
5g0Krcmar-Smith, Fox
31982276430Kua, Emily
32892266426Kubo, Io
1012!91634246Kularatna, Mineth
1223?01401203Kulkaew, Knight
428?02181402Kull, Roman
1170??01471217Kumar, Subramanian
1073!!171568235Kuypers, Ron
970?01677258Laczko, Anastasia
New7Laine, Daniel
1338!01221167Laizans, Martin
1909!!2023326Lam, Ross [CM]
311?02283432Langdon-Macmillan, Sebastian
2g0Langridge, Gordon
New12Lannon, Alexandra
146172387457Lannon, Aurora
1885??026330Lapitan, Daniel
40982204408Laurens, Joshua
495?02107386Lawrence, Indruh
7g2Le, Daniel
Unr2Le, Sarah
130401273178Le, Terrence
New14Lee, Adeline
576!72042371Lee, Chun
3g0Lee, Eugeny
1460?0995138Lee, Leon
797?01847306Lee, Simho
Unr3Lee, Stuart
2043!1012418Lester, George E
909!!181743278Li, Allan
361!262249421Li, Cynthia
768!171876314Li, Jason
248162336445Li, Ray
160?92384455Li, Rui-Kang
419192195406Li, Shaun
1498!!17920124Liang, Raymond
3g0Liebold, Hunter
327!82267427Lin, Ian
381!92229416Lin, Joe
17701142153Littleboy, Bruce
619!92006358Liu, Charlie
1732?047857Liu, David
49492109387Liu, Henry
2329!!20315Liu, Yi [FM]
1g0Lo, Alex
827!171817297Lo, Jonathan
135?92393461Lo, Micah
139401122156Lockley, Paul
2g0Lohmann, Gabriel
851??01793289Lomsargis, Adam
3g0Long, Bernard
1649!163282Long, Sam
1833!!1934342Louie, Jared [CM]
2129!97613Louie, Ryan [FM]
1814!!1736346Lovejoy, David
68031946345Lovli, Werner
1618??0692100Lowe, Joshua
263?92324442Lu, Noah
New8Lucke, David
129261284181Luke-Paredi, Jack
6g3Lutz, Isaac
1g8Luxton, Archie
2468!!1171Ly, Moulthun [IM]
891!201763282Ly-Liu, Alexavier
119?82396463Ly-Liu, Isaac
3g0Mactaggart, Fergus
446?02163398Maczkowiack, Bob
2093!!279415Maguire, Tom
415?02198407Mahaarachchi, Tiran
2g0Mahaffey, Matthew
4g0Malhotra, Gauresh
4g0Malhotra, Niharika
1429!151047147Manuneedhi, Kabilan
3g0Marcus, Logan
14800948126Marinovic, Brian
3g0Marsh, Sam
1g0Martin, Jacob
1875!1127632Mather, Andrew
632??01996357Mathur, Jai
1030?01619241Matsuura, Keanu
1620!1769099McCarthy, Oliver
2436!!11133McClymont, Brodie [IM]
758?31884317McConnell, Anneliese
855?01790288McConnell, Harrison
987?01658253McConnell, Matthew
3g0Mcdougall, Ethan
15400847113McGee, Michael C
15600809110McIntyre, Brock
218?02354451McKenzie, Chelsea
706!!91926338McKenzie, Melody
1462?9993137McLean, Matthew
1377!01155161Mcleod, Keith
1126!11517225McRoberts, Anthony J
3g0Mead, Angus
3g0Medill, Ethan
6g0Meggitt, Tom
New7Mehta, William
5g0Mejia Ortiz, Edwin
83301813296Mendoza, Darcy
66001971353Menham, Allan
1g8Mercado, Eowyn
1131!!251510223Mercado, Rover-Leigh
4g0Meyer, Jacob
3g0Michael, Tony
599?02023366Micklesson, Arlen
102161628245Micklesson-Scott, Jack
7g0Mikumoto, Shinya
1g0Milani, Peter
2g0Milbourne, Noah
1g8Mills, Kieran
1192!61444211Mills, Ross
130761270176Mills-Ryan, Gareth
452152153394Ming, Kenny
3g0Minor, Sean
917!01739275Momot, Alex
New6Moraitis, Allegra
666?01964350Morris, Adam Isaac
1306!!261271177Morris, Byron
1435?01037145Morris, Joshua
1477!0955128Morris, Tony
893!81758280Moss, Jasper
1184!01454213Mulholland, Philip
143801027143Muller, Hans-Peter
210108614Muller, Jonas [CM]
1845!1132238Myers, John
957??01695264Myhill, Alex
6g0Naidoo, Dylan
6g0Naidoo, Rhys
New7Naidu, Dezhin
2272!!20407Nakauchi, Gene [FM]
823??01819298Narvas, Oliver
1410?01088151Nataprawira, Halim
724??01912332Navidgeran, Farbod
1181!!201457214Ng, Sze-Yong
695??01935341Nguyen, Kevin
1286?01291183Noack, Daniel
New6Noran, Aida
1004!201641248Norouz, Bardia
916181740276O'Donnell, Aidan
1701!053768O'Shaughnessy, Dave
1659!060878Offermans, Peter
14759960129Oka, Hikaru
492!92111388Oka, Itsuki
86591782285Oka, Tsukasa
1866?028934Onilongo, Edwin
751?151890318Ooi, Jayden
1836!!2033841Ostapenko, Michael
1g0Ostapenko, Slava
1299?01276180Ozaslan, Metin
79201850307Paliwoda, Alex
117801462216Paliwoda, John
3g0Pallentine, James
481??02121390Palmer, Aaron
1771!041852Pardoen, Alain
1926!!2921825Parle, Hughston
77351870313Patel, Himanshu
936!51719269Patel, Khush
388!12223413Patel, Shubh
4g0Paterson, Riley
1235!51373198Patissier, Dominic
1268?01321189Peach, Ben
1564?0797109Peck, Robbie
209?02358452Pedernal, Brent
708?01924337Pendrith, Mark
3g0Penna, Dale
124?92395462Perina, Jade
586?02034368Perina, Ryan
608!92012362Perry, Daniel
74361896321Peters, Joshua
3g0Petersen, Will
92401733274Petrie, Jim
699?01932339Petrie, Nicholas
231?92348449Phang, Yang-Hian
1529?0872117Pierotti, Brendan
947??01707266Pike, Jeremy
972??01675257Pollard, Matthew
1586!6758105Pomerenke, Zachary
986?01660254Poon, Ivan
1823!035243Post, Martin
1452!51008142Potts, John B
363??02247420Preshy, Allen
Unr2Privald, Oscar
845??01801292Pulman, Andrew
534!232081381Qu, Anson
1494!6928125Rajabian, Hassan
3g0Ramnanan, Gaurav
1335!111228170Randall, David
2g0Rawlley, Aarav
496!132105385Relekar, Kanak
2267!5428Richards, Heather [WIM]
1544!4840111Riggs, Michael
133761224169Ringrose, Jonathan
105361595239Ringrose, Kyle
5g0Robertson, Alex
1621!068798Robinson, Andrew J
1338?01221167Rochford, Karl
776!!91868311Rogers, Jim
40792206409Rubis, Nikita
452??02153394Ryan, Courtney
78901853308Ryland, John
New7Saad, Noah
6g3Sabeti, Mahmoud
382?52228415Sabeti, Sepehr
860?01787287Safari Nejad, Reza
115261485220Sakran, Bernard
1857?030136Salahuddin, Mohammad
951?01702265Samuels-Rosser, Bryce
1232!111383201Sands, Gary A
3g6Saniel, Isaiah
1122!151520228Sarney, Jim
122001406204Sayinath, Vyshak
New9Scarlett, William
Unr3Scott, Michael John
1709!052566Seabrook, Roy
3g0Sebastian, Theo
1126?01517225Sedl, Thomas
1787!1139950Selnes, Hamish
1286111291183Seo, Jay
Unr6Seton, Jack
1144?01496222Shaw, Ron
994?01651250Sheldon, Daniel
744??01894319Shorey, Caleb
663!181969351Simic, Filip
1544!0840111Simmonds, Leteisha
1715!!2051063Slater-Jones, Henry [CM]
2048!!2512217Slater-Jones, Tom [CM]
New8Smith, Alexander D
282?02309437Smith, Caleb
3g0Smith, Levi
New5Smith, Mitchel
286?02304435Smith, Noah J
New8Smith, Tristan K
1710052365Smrek, Dusan
1320!111253175Smyth, Ben
133001234172Solomon, Anthony
2403!!20224Solomon, Stephen J [IM]
404?92208410Somani, Ashwin
2g0Somasundaram, Jayakumar
1g8Somasundaram, Saravanan
14740964131Song, Kevin
2177!9639Soo-Burrowes, Eliot W [FM]
1254!51338194Sorensen, Finn
36602242418Spence, Ian
647?01981356Sprague, Matthew
1934020924Spuler, David
1889!1125629Stahnke, Alexander
140901090153Stahnke, Axel
1410?01088151Stanciu, Alin
1752!!1044555Stark, Ken
675?01955349Stenson, Sam
15360855115Stephen, Sam
711?71919335Stephens, Benjamin
213807311Stephson, David J
2g0Stevanovic, Jovo
1292??01284181Stevens, Kyle
1652?062381Stevens, Ryan
214307110Stevens, Tristan
567??02053375Stevenson, Ethan
1638564989Stewart, Craig A
2305!!20356Stojic, Dusan [FM]
1502!!19914122Stokes, Mark C
761?01882315Stower, Michael
116131477219Stringfellow, Aaron
947!51707266Su, Lucas
447!52161397Su, Marcus
2g0Su, William
1647063483Summers, Paul G
680?01946345Suraweera, Adheesha
1g0Talluri, Samson
490?92115389Tan, Kevin
1642063985Taylor, Ben
4g0Taylor, Flynn
933!81723270Tchitaev, Nina
653?01976355Teimoori, Ali
1g8Teng, Zhexi
1119!61522229Tennakoon, Nadula
New6Tennakoon, Sanuli
1233??01380200Teow, Jaden
New4Terret, Jacob
New6Thakur, Usha
1628!!1467193Therakam, Clint
1g8Tho, Maxey
Unr5Thomas, George
3g0Tidswell, Ben
New6Tidswell, Dominic
1201!01432206Timbrell, Greg
1g8Tirumalasetti, Manomai
2g0To, Andrew
1112??01531231Trinh, Andrew
759!01883316Trinh, Ian
3g0Trubshaw, Ben
1997!1715621Truscott, Anthony J
1994!!2916022Tsai, Charles [FM]
16050715102Tsai, Wei-wei
810!!151835304Tseng, Daniel
1454?01005141Turner, Justin
602??02017364Uchytil, Sam
1280?01308187Ulahannan, Thomas
6g0Ulysses, Niel
1323!111246174Uscinski, Jordan
1g0Van Der Byl, Orsen
1635!1165692Van Der Meer, Andrew
1848031637Van Pelt, Michael
1872028033Van Renen, Mike
1903!023627Vandervalk, Steven
366?82242418Varcoe, Talia
2g7Vo, Tom
1899?024228Vohla, Mihkel
1655!!061780Vucak, Mark
738?61898323Waddell, Craig
3g0Waite, Greg
3g0Walker, Douglas G
142?92389459Walker, Jack
1809?037148Walker, John D
1838!!1133440Walker, Tyson [CM]
2g0Wang, Daniel (2000)
800!!451842305Wang, Eason
3g0Wang, Henry
1593!19740104Wang, Jason
1480!!10948126Warta, George
735!141900324Watkins, Bridgette
25752327443Watkins, Rachel Jane
619132006358Watkins, Sophie
1118??01524230Webb, Nicholas
1363?01178163Weber, Kent
1704!!2253467Weller, Tony
733?01905327West, Oliver
1534!0858116Whalley, Lee
1236!01370197Willcock, Brian
1101?01542232Willemse, Louis
86441785286Willett, John
1665659576Williams, Douglas
125201347196Wilson, Bryce
1674058173Wilson, Callum
197??02369453Withoos, Kaitlyn
2452!092Wohl, Aleksandar H [IM]
31392281431Wong, Cern
1g8Wong, Ern
3g0Wong, Ming Yau
New4Woodhouse, Roc
New7Wu, Maxwell
578!232039370Yamaguchi, Mayuri
New8Yan, Max
1g8Yang, Daniel
400!!232213412Yang, Melody
1188!191447212Yang, Oliver
1357!161190165Yang, Thomas
608!!242012362Yeung, Jennifer
2g7Yin, Ben
501!182100384Young, Arden
1270!!201318188Young, Dashiell
781!!01862309Young, Gail
New9Young, Micah
1671!358775Young, Nathanael
970??01677258Young, Phil
506!182097383Yu, Nathaniel
65991972354Yuan, Dylan
1023??01627244Zelich, Ivan
1624068196Zhang, Derek
New5Zhang, Edward
1459?0998139Zhang, Zhaorui (Arthis)
104101610240Zhao, Andong
2007!1614820Zhong, Tony (Junhao)
893!81758280Zhuang, Raymond
1437!21032144Zuegn, Alfred

Townsville Open 6th-7th August

Townsville Open

Starts:August 6, 2016
Ends: August 7, 2016
Location: Hotel Grand Chancellor Townsville, 334 Flinders St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia
Description: North Queensland Open is back this year with a bumper prize fund to get you all excited! This event promise to be a lot of fun and is conveniently located to make it easy to get around, with many dining and accommodation options nearby.

Full details can be found at Tournament Details.

entry form.

A reminder that to play in this event you will need to be a CAQ Member. To become a member, please sign up at CAQ Membership

ACF Ratings December 2015

Rating Player State
543! Akkenapalli, Aneesh ACT
New Akkenapalli, Anirudh ACT
2g Albert, Max ACT
4g Ali, Aaryan ACT
2321 Ambrus, Endre [FM] ACT
100?? Andersson, Kirah ACT
162? Anufriiev, Michael ACT
767 Archer, Brad ACT
1027!! Archer, Saffron ACT
5g Arora, Shane ACT
1418? Assadi, Arjang ACT
1541! Badrinarayan, Sankeertan ACT
1014!! Badrinarayan, Siddhant ACT
1g Bailey, Luc ACT
1629 Baines, Casey ACT
2g Ball-Curry, Cayde ACT
1187 Banu, Mus ACT
1718! Bartlett, Stephen C ACT
1477? Bayliss, Daniel ACT
1677! Beare, Nick ACT
368?? Bell, Keegan ACT
1798! Bennett, Matthew ACT
8g Berjaoui, Adam ACT
432? Bishop, Isabella ACT
1964! Bishop, Joshua ACT
208? Blake, Ryan ACT
2022!! Bliznyuk, Andrey ACT
687?? Bode, Adam ACT
1809! Booth, William ACT
1g Boyce, Sophia ACT
556? Boyle, Alex ACT
931? Bradley, Christopher ACT
1775!! Braguine, Victor ACT
978? Brindle, Joel ACT
3g Brooker, Chris ACT
688! Brooks-Johnson, Jaykeb ACT
2351! Brown, Andrew [IM] ACT
888 Bruer, Matthew ACT
859? Buckley, James ACT
793?? Buckley, Matthew ACT
1778! Butler, Brian J ACT
474! Cai, Lily ACT
1655!! Campbell, Paul ACT
507?? Cannon, Matthew ACT
318?? Ceaser, Rohan K ACT
404? Chan, Christopher John ACT
1243? Chan, Jonathan ACT
282? Chen, Brian ACT
1817!! Chibnall, Alana ACT
1256? Chow, Jingming ACT
3g Chowdhury, Dibakar ACT
2g Christopherson, John ACT
6g Chung, Christian ACT
1096 Clark, David ACT
2g Clayden, Nellie ACT
311? Clayden, Piet ACT
1167!! Cunningham, Campbell ACT
1025 Cvetkovic, Milos ACT
1193 Danaswara, Indis ACT
470? Darby, Bridget ACT
New David-Hoole, Hannah ACT
1480? Day, Cameron ACT
1797!! de Noskowski, Adrian ACT
1095?? Desai, Hakoo S ACT
803!! Diao, Yizhen ACT
2g Dicks, Sean ACT
1159!! Dunn, Paul ACT
8g East, Jewel ACT
1345!! East, William ACT
3g Ebrahim, Leila ACT
1536!! Egan, Bill [CM] ACT
4g Engelhard, Sabina ACT
1g Engelhard, Tasmin ACT
1267! Esposito, David ACT
1327? Fahy, Brendan ACT
2153 Farrell, Roger S ACT
1115!! Feliu, Angelo ACT
2g Firth, Eric ACT
417 Firth, Jeremy ACT
601? Flood, Amy ACT
1368? Fong, Jeng Lek ACT
1009! Franze, John ACT
633! Fraser, Alexander ACT
1g Frosch, Ethan ACT
1016!! Galli, Karl ACT
1418 Gardiner-Garden, Aelfric ACT
993! Gianquitto, Benjamin ACT
1190!! Gibson, Bernard ACT
403 Goodwill, Oskar ACT
1432? Gowor, Jacob ACT
1728!! Grcic, Milan ACT
3g Grech, Andrew ACT
572? Grgic, Augustin ACT
1851! Grinyer, Peter A ACT
438! Gudur, Ruhaan ACT
2098!! Guo, Emma [WIM] ACT
1533! Guo, Jamie-Lee ACT
2g Gupta, Ash ACT
308 Gupta, Ishaan ACT
5g Haigh, Eric ACT
1255! Hajdu, Johnny ACT
582 Harder, Brooke ACT
699?? Harder, Ryan ACT
965!! Hathiramani, Athena ACT
1740!! Hathiramani, Dillon ACT
592? Hillan, Patrick ACT
485 Hillan, Thomas ACT
655!! Ho, Lachlan ACT
New Ho, Oscar ACT
932? Hoang, Trung Nguyen ACT
1727! Hosking, Ian ACT
8g Huang, Edward ACT
1608 Hummel, Mark ACT
255 Hyett, Madeline ACT
2430!! Ikeda, Junta [IM] ACT
1633!! Ingham, Glenn ACT
306 Jain, Arnav ACT
109 Jayamaha, Shanith ACT
433! Jayamaha, Shanthu ACT
4g Jeong-Reuss, Kai ACT
201? Ji, Richard ACT
1285!! Jochimsen, Erik ACT
7g Johnson, Holly ACT
1629!! Johnston, Thomas ACT
289! Jones, Alexander ACT
1463!! Jones, Mitchell ACT
1506! Karattiyattil, Bazli ACT
1556!! Keinan, Shay ACT
723?? Kent, Daniel ACT
234 Kethro, Erica ACT
2107! Kethro, Michael ACT
2g King, Robert ACT
290? Kirkpatrick, Lachlan ACT
561!! Kong, Dexuan ACT
1g Kwong, Leron ACT
372! Laidlaw, Kathleen ACT
207?? Lawrence, Andrew ACT
630? Le, Celina ACT
309!! Lee, Abigail ACT
136? Lee, Alexandra ACT
721!! Lee, Elliott ACT
1381? Lee, Joe ACT
1401! Lee, Joshua ACT
629 Lester, Benjamin ACT
401? Li, Howell ACT
631! Li, Stanley Hongyi ACT
1008! Liles, Chris ACT
New Lin, Kate ACT
1g Ling, Tim ACT
5g Liporada, Alejandro ACT
1030! Lisners, Karl ACT
491? Litchfield, Annabel ACT
2015!! Litchfield, Frederick ACT
1981! Lo, Willis ACT
139? Longland, Jeremy ACT
905? Lowe, Daniel ACT
677! Luo, Ramon ACT
947! Luo, Ricky ACT
554? Ma, Jiajun ACT
5g Mackay, George ACT
New Magee, Edward ACT
New Magee, Henrietta ACT
632! Maheshwari, Shrey ACT
1042?? Mantoro, Yutta ACT
1153! Marks, Joe ACT
3g Marsham, Mykal ACT
365? Maskell, Charlie ACT
1287 Mason, Joanne ACT
1606? Mason, Stuart ACT
1923! Mathews, Peter ACT
1043? Mathur, Neetesh ACT
1769 McClure, Doug ACT
1273! McDonald, David ACT
100?? McGauley, Bronwyn ACT
367? McGlade, Tom ACT
1422!! McKechnie, Andrew ACT
214 McKenzie, Chelsea ACT
450!! McKenzie, Melody ACT
1401!! McPherson, Erick ACT
New Melli, Harveen ACT
3g Melli, Manjot ACT
3g Melli, Saranjot ACT
1294!! Mengelkamp, Brian ACT
464? Miller, Dante ACT
708? Moloney, Josh ACT
784! Moore, Bjorn ACT
1391!! Mordue, Neil ACT
1387 Mugford, Stephen ACT
509? Nair, Neil ACT
1026! Nater, Carl ACT
Unr Nattras, Alex ACT
5g Newman, John ACT
776? Nguyen, Trung Hoang ACT
New Ni, Hannah ACT
499! Ni, Victor ACT
403?? Nicholson, Amy ACT
1581 Ninchich, Milan ACT
1026? Nirvana, Utah ACT
5g Niu, Richard ACT
1525! Nogaliza, Elgin ACT
999! Nogaliza, Zyler ACT
1689 Nwosu, Nnaemeka ACT
1847? Oakes, Ashley ACT
783! Parkes, Carl ACT
1528 Patterson, Mark ACT
1867!! Patterson, Miles ACT
1578!! Pearce, Tim ACT
1536!! Perry, Curtis ACT
661? Perry, Mark ACT
3g Phan, Minh ACT
Unr Pipitone, Jevan ACT
1619!! Plane, Jared ACT
4g Poledri, Axel ACT
1230? Powles, Jonathan ACT
3g Powles, Thomas ACT
662? Prasad, Rudr Ravi ACT
1909!! Press, Harry ACT
1760!! Press, Shaun P ACT
1727! Priest, Stephen ACT
1082? Pronin, Anthony ACT
1406 Qi, Glen ACT
1493! Qin, Tomson ACT
947? Radford, Nick ACT
1592!! Radisich, Matt ACT
936?? Rahman, Rafi ACT
5g Ranie, Alan ACT
New Ranie, Claire ACT
1g Ravichander, Dharan ACT
245 Ravinuthala, Kris ACT
New Ravinuthala, Siri ACT
1882!! Reading, Jeremy ACT
1679 Reading, Michael ACT
1488 Robertson, Keith ACT
1144!! Robins, Clyde ACT
6g Robinson, Glenn ACT
1215 Rojahn, Jack ACT
1710? Rolph, Michael S ACT
1458!! Rosic, Jozo ACT
1657!! Saint, Graham D ACT
1578!! Sargent, Bill ACT
336! Sarili, Aeolus ACT
1580 Satrapa, James ACT
1310! Scully, Mark ACT
518 Searle, Daniel ACT
3g Selivanov, Natalia ACT
1809! Sengstock, Steven A ACT
412! Serfontein, Louis ACT
1919? Setiabudi, Allen ACT
1427? Shasthry, M V ACT
587! Sheehan, James ACT
3g Shelley, Matthew ACT
New Shen-Zhao, Michael ACT
676? Shoard, Josh ACT
425? Sima, Stone ACT
1441 Smart, Lachlan ACT
2533 Smerdon, David C [GM] ACT
Unr Smith, Edward ACT
1g Smith, Harry ACT
1562 Smith, Kayleigh ACT
New Soe-Htoo, Jeffrey ACT
100?? Solomon, Silka ACT
New Squires, William ACT
672 Srikusalanukul, Natasak ACT
327 Steinman, Joshua ACT
1177 Stewart, Joshua Edward ACT
300 Sugerman, Zoe ACT
1755! Suptut, Jeff ACT
182? Swan, Luca ACT
New Sweeney, Georgia ACT
359! Sweeney, Lara ACT
513! Tan, Judy ACT
New Tang, Lachlan ACT
402 Tay, Ethan ACT
1271?? Taylor, Josh ACT
1162!! Teymant, Roy ACT
4g Thompson, Derek ACT
8g Ting, Simon ACT
1086!! Tobler, Peter ACT
866 Tong, Helen ACT
736? Tong, Kathleen ACT
764? Torrens, Matthew ACT
New Tranter, Magnus ACT
199?? Tsiokantas, Costa ACT
973! Turnbull, David ACT
940? Turner, Dylan ACT
867? Turner, Ryan ACT
1146 Unger, David ACT
2g Valle, Nhorvel ACT
Unr Vansebille, Sulia ACT
New Vazquez Reyes, Ignacio ACT
312! Vea, Amelia ACT
341! Vea, Gisela ACT
322 Vels, Paul ACT
1199!! Vels, Philip ACT
1813? Walker, Joshua ACT
577? Wang, Mandy ACT
303 Wang, Matthew ACT
985 Watson, Frank ACT
3g Watson Smith, Iain ACT
100?? Wells, Zac ACT
219 Wen, Angus ACT
New Wen, Nicholas ACT
315? Weston, Rhys ACT
838? Whitely, Thomas ACT
1282! Wicklander, Matthew ACT
New Wimalendran, Shivan ACT
New Wimalendran, Tanisha ACT
1580! Winkelman, Albert ACT
5g Winkelman, John ACT
1138 Woo, Benjamin ACT
195? Wright, Niamh ACT
619 Wu, Jacob ACT
940!! Xu, Ruofan ACT
1534 Xu, Yunxi ACT
193?? Yan, Andy ACT
540 Yang, Austin ACT
1016? Yee, William ACT
1935! Yin, Wenlin ACT
1121? Yoon, John ACT
1295!! Yoon, Sunny ACT
1344! Yuan, Ziqi ACT
1439! Zanon, David ACT
356 Zerk, Austin ACT
378 Zerk, Griffith ACT
874? Zhang, Yafei ACT
1849? Zhang, Yijun ACT
572 Zhou, Jimmy ACT
3g Zhu, Charley ACT
4g Aaron, Ernie NSW
1901!! Abbott, Peter [CM] NSW
1429 Abecina, Wulmar NSW
1850 Abeynaike, Shawn A NSW
3g Abeysekera, Manil NSW
1414! Absalom, David NSW
1138?? Abustan, Timoteo NSW
1247! Accola, Bernie NSW
937!! Accola, Tom NSW
1817!! Acevski, Stevo NSW
1400? Achar, Ramesh NSW
1572!! Adams, Jonathan NSW
1430! Adeniran, Adegboyega NSW
2g Agrawal, Yash NSW
1g Aguilera, Sergio NSW
3g Ahmad, Sherjeel NSW
462! Ai, Christopher NSW
1589! Aich, Alexander NSW
1720! Alejandrino, Fernan NSW
1489!! Aleksovski, Bosko NSW
7g Alexander-Meyland, Arlo NSW
1179 Allen, Chris NSW
1308! Allen, Hugh NSW
1710!! Allison, Brian C NSW
1521! Allison, Graham NSW
1879? Alnashi, Rafid NSW
1671! Alvarez, Jose NSW
2g Amosin, Donald NSW
1561!! Anderson, Michael NSW
707? Anderson, Paul NSW
1997! Antelmann, Sascha NSW
805 Antes, Ki NSW
1396? Antrobus, Simon NSW
486?? Arvind, Saarangan NSW
1874!! Ascic, Steve NSW
886! Ashworth, Neil NSW
2129!! Atzmon-Simon, Barak NSW
1025 Aylwin, Helen NSW
2228!! Ayvazyan, Armen NSW
1627!! Baaner, Paul NSW
1713!! Babic, Michael S NSW
1557! Bai, George NSW
319? Baillie, Ethan NSW
2045?? Bajrami, Samir NSW
1285!! Baldwin, A(Tony) C NSW
1889!! Ball, Christopher [CM] NSW
1445!! Banicevic, Roy NSW
2g Bansal, Vasu NSW
1342?? Barasoain, Fernando NSW
1812!! Barker, David NSW
8g Bata, Ervin NSW
1584!! Baterowicz, Mark NSW
1285! Bayaca, Sterling NSW
1540! Beahan, Patrick NSW
457? Bednarek, Tom NSW
1410 Beeh, Tom NSW
1851! Beeman, Robert NSW
1914 Behar, Joshua NSW
1081 Behar, Michael NSW
656?? Behne-Smith, Elizabeth NSW
4g Behne-Smith, Susanna NSW
1686! Bellingham, John NSW
1785 Bemrose, Trevor NSW
1561! Beretov, Kosta NSW
2164 Berezina-Feldman, Irina [IM] NSW
Unr Berkeley, James NSW
1372?? Beydoun, Ghassan NSW
4g Bhagavatula, Govardhan NSW
2283 Bird, Andrew NSW
1578? Bishop, George NSW
1459? Bizoev, Boyan NSW
2460!! Bjelobrk, Igor [IM] NSW
1822 Black, Kevin J NSW
1305!! Blake, Richard R NSW
1638! Blazeski, Krste NSW
1463 Bleicher, Horst NSW
879!! Boan, Mark NSW
1670!! Bogdanoski, Petre NSW
1693! Bolens, Johny NSW
1192? Bommireddipalli, Venkata NSW
4g Boonham, Aiden NSW
1416! Booth, Shaun NSW
1837? Boss, Stephen NSW
1991 Bouchaaya, Tony NSW
1367! Bowerman, Ronald NSW
1466 Boylan, Peter NSW
901 Bracks, Sebastian NSW
1391 Brieger, Chris NSW
1872 Bristina, Husein NSW
1458!! Britton, Geoffrey J NSW
1742! Brodesser, Wolfgang NSW
2043! Broekhuyse, Paul NSW
162? Brondum, Griff NSW
1442! Brown, Chris J NSW
1190 Brown, Heath NSW
1385! Brown, Jordan NSW
1531! Brown, Joshua NSW
1872! Brown, Nicholas NSW
2g Bruns, Martin NSW
1734 Bryan, Jason NSW
408 Bryce, Alessandro NSW
1800!! Bull, Ian NSW
576? Burrows, Oscar NSW
147? Burt, Jack NSW
1643!! Burt, James NSW
4g Busljeta, Antun NSW
1558 Butler, Allan NSW
1611!! Buza, Muhamed NSW
2088! Cabale, Nazarito NSW
1930!! Cabilin, Jeff [CM] NSW
1957!! Camer, Angelito NSW
2356!! Canfell, Gregory J [FM] NSW
1566! Canfell, Mike J NSW
1446! Carden, Matthew NSW
1729!! Cardenas, Egon NSW
1540 Carey, Doug D NSW
4g Carter, Andrew NSW
1451!! Case, Ivan NSW
1830!! Cassettari, Peter NSW
2g Castillo, German NSW
1709? Chai, Hweimeen NSW
320! Chai, Leon NSW
443! Chai, William NSW
1997! Champion, Patrick NSW
1720 Chan, Anthony [CM] NSW
1179! Chan, Kevin NSW
939?? Chang, Selwyn NSW
1g Chapkin, Alex NSW
2056!! Charles, Gareth NSW
2112 Chau, Bernard NSW
2012! Chek, Adrian [CM] NSW
1583! Chellappah, Mishael NSW
4g Chen, Michelle NSW
1g Chen, Mike NSW
2364!! Chen, Pengyu [FM] NSW
1518? Chen, Rong NSW
1799!! Chen, Yu-Shiun NSW
1252 Cheney, Lance NSW
477! Cheng, Amanda NSW
1568!! Cheng, Harry NSW
1091? Chepas, Max NSW
1317!! Chiara, Vince NSW
953 Chiddy, Lance NSW
201? Chiddy, Rory NSW
1360! Childs, Stephen NSW
1354? Chin, Aaron NSW
1073? Chin, Alysha NSW
1949 Chin, Eu-Han NSW
8g Chowdhury, Kifayet NSW
1772! Christensen, Joshua NSW
1689! Christian, Kashish [WCM] NSW
1758! Chua, Joe NSW
1457!! Clark, Neil NSW
1582!! Clarke, Matthew NSW
1440! Clouston, Bevan NSW
1809! Coates, Toby J NSW
1604? Coburn, Andrew B NSW
1508!! Cook, David NSW
1080? Cooke, Scott NSW
1552! Cooper, Linus NSW
1747! Cooper, Nicholas NSW
1g Corona, Fabrizio NSW
1850? Cossey, Aaron NSW
1g Coster, Clarry Jacob NSW
985? Cowen, Walter NSW
1801 Coy, Rupert NSW
1549! Creek, Peter NSW
2026!! Cristobal, Rodolfo NSW
2071? Cronan, James NSW
1481 Crook, Robert W NSW
1889 Crossman, Tom NSW
1213 Cui, Michael NSW
1621 Curran, Glynn NSW
1431! Curtis, Darren NSW
2168? Curtis, John [FM] NSW
1284! Cvetanovski, Michael NSW
1g Dabb, Marcus NSW
1304!! Dacic, Michael NSW
1055? Daley, Eugene NSW
1461! Dalkin, Maxie NSW
1590! De Mello, Michael NSW
1456! Deacon, Graeme NSW
1925! Deen-Cowell, Nicholas NSW
2072!! Dekic, Biljana N [WIM] NSW
1830! Descallar, Levi NSW
351?? Devapragash, Harinn NSW
890? Devapragash, Santosh NSW
1572 Dhingra, Vipin NSW
1522! Dib, Michel NSW
1487!! Dibley, Shane E NSW
1511 Dick, Graham NSW
1622!! Dickson, Ian C NSW
1805!! Diep, Denan NSW
1665!! Dimock, Chris NSW
2g Ding, Matthew NSW
2g Dingley, Justin NSW
1167? Diwan, Alvir NSW
497! Dixon, Luke NSW
3g Djukanovic, Milan NSW
1906? Dobson, Christopher NSW
1023? Downes, David NSW
921? Dowton, Norman NSW
1874! Dragalchuk, Vladislav NSW
1544! Duckworth, Terry NSW
3g Dulic, Senad NSW
3g Duong, Adrian NSW
1971!! Dutta, Rishi [CM] NSW
2247? Dwyer, Danny [FM] NSW
121?? Ebrahimnejad, Ilia NSW
1702!! Eccles, Richard NSW
5g Eckermann, Pascal NSW
1455! Edwards, Greig NSW
1144! Eldridge, Ken E NSW
3g Elliot, David NSW
1810! Encel, Benjamin NSW
629?? End, Graham NSW
1321 Envis, Paul NSW
1668!! Escribano, Jose NSW
1940?? Falchoni, Mario J F NSW
411? Fan, Jason NSW
4g Farr, Ben NSW
1314!! Farrell, Keith R NSW
1245? Fayers, Darryl NSW
1366! Fearon, John NSW
4g Fedorov, Alex NSW
2240 Feldman, Vladimir [IM] NSW
7g Fell, Tasman NSW
1216! Fernandez, Nick NSW
1267! Fikh, Anthony NSW
281? Fikh, Timothy NSW
Unr Fine, Sam NSW
1257? Fitzgibbon, David NSW
2065! Flatow, A (Fred) [FM] NSW
720! Flindall, Victor NSW
628? Forrest, Graham NSW
1676 Fotaras, Jordan NSW
1065! French, Peter NSW
1400? Frias, Joe NSW
1713 Gaikwad, Nandu NSW
1609! Galwey, Richard C NSW
466? Gao, Xing NSW
1793!! Garner, Stephen J NSW
1g Garth, Jake NSW
1038 Garz, Stephen NSW
1027! Ge, Eva NSW
1533? Geesink, Geert NSW
1548 George, Sandeep NSW
1299! Gerecs, Karoly NSW
1909! Gerges, Fady NSW
1379 Gergis, Steven NSW
912 Giang, Liam Thomas NSW
1458! Gillard, Jason NSW
1015! Ginovic, Aleksy NSW
7g Gioia, David NSW
1785 Gletsos, William (Bill) NSW
1738!! Glissan, Paul NSW
1665!! Gluvchinsky, Paul NSW
1166? Goh, Bill NSW
1065 Goldsmith, Allan NSW
1502!! Goldsmith, Colin NSW
1329!! Gonda, Jozsef NSW
1516!! Gong, Michael NSW
1182? Gong, Noah NSW
329? Goris, Daniel NSW
953! Gram, Otto NSW
2007? Granjas, Dragan NSW
3g Gratton, Kye NSW
737? Gray, Jean NSW
1505!! Grbin, Tereza NSW
1428!! Greenwood, Norman NSW
2g Grinyer, Wayne NSW
1456 Groenhout, David NSW
734 Groenhout, Peter NSW
1561! Groenhout, Ron NSW
1846!! Gross, Mike C NSW
1982! Gu, Sean NSW
1713 Gu, Shirley NSW
1614!! Gu, Theresa NSW
5g Guevara, Joshua NSW
1360 Guevara, Oliver NSW
1847!! Gunawan, Hadi NSW
707? Gunawardene, Chanuth NSW
422 Guo, Joseph NSW
1522! Guo, Kenneth NSW
1658 Guse, George NSW
1g Habeeb, Raif NSW
1766! Hagist, Fred M NSW
1481 Hale, Dennis NSW
1885? Hall, Michael NSW
1827? Halpin, Luke NSW
2009 Halpin, Patrick NSW
1508? Hamilton, Ross A NSW
1302? Han, Ximia NSW
1307? Harding, Jonathon NSW
5g Hargreaves, Craig NSW
1675? Hariman, Andre NSW
1146? Harley, Tim NSW
1399! Harris, Bruce NSW
1646? Harris, John NSW
561? Harrison, Michael NSW
4g Harte, Nigel NSW
1844 Hassani, Arif NSW
4g Heap, Edd NSW
1496!! Hellmann, Oskar NSW
1540! Hepworth, John NSW
1470!! Herreros, Bill NSW
Unr Hetti, Ashton NSW
1452!! Hickey, James NSW
1296 Hill, Allan R NSW
1796 Holland, Jim NSW
1437 Holland, Rhys NSW
3g Horowitz, Jethro NSW
757 Hu, Aaron NSW
1550!! Hu, Bob NSW
2162!! Hu, Jason NSW
New Huey, Chelsea NSW
617! Huey, Toby NSW
548! Hughes, Aaron NSW
5g Hur, Lawrence NSW
1925! Hursky, Karel P NSW
1882!! Hutchings, Frank P NSW
2087!! Huynh, Arthur NSW
1684 Hvistendahl, Robert NSW
1603!! Ibrahim, Victor NSW
1362?? Ikeda, Marcus NSW
1845! Ilic, Ilija [CM] NSW
1764 Iljazi, Elmaz NSW
2597!! Illingworth, Max [IM] NSW
5g Iloabuchi, Eugene NSW
5g Ingman, Senyon NSW
1g Iranmanesh, Hamoun NSW
1849! Ireland, Stephen J NSW
1315?? Itman, Barshan NSW
2g Izon, Jonathon NSW
7g Jacob, Lee NSW
881 Jaeger, Daniel NSW
983! Jain, Anshika NSW
1590!! Jain, Kamal NSW
1499!! James, David NSW
1876!! Jarek, Katherine [WIM] NSW
490?? Jeevachandran, Andrew NSW
1445!! Jeffreys, Roger W NSW
948? Jennings, Andrew (Garry) NSW
750? Jeong, Junyoung NSW
4g Jha, Bhuvanesh NSW
1308! Jia, Frank NSW
764 Jiang, James NSW
1451 Johansson, Par (Peter) NSW
1468!! Johnson, Andrew NSW
1891! Jones, Brian A [FM] NSW
180? Jones, Darshan NSW
1330 Joseph, Alwin NSW
1532!! Joseph, Baby NSW
3g Joseph, James NSW
1420!! Jovanovic, Stevan NSW
1944? Jurd, Sebastian NSW
5g Kabar, Basem NSW
752 Kadlubek, John NSW
3g Kalengis, Athanasios NSW
1130?? Kandara, Manul NSW
4g Kanive-Hariharan, Anagha NSW
1854? Kanostrevac, Zeljko NSW
1527! Karabatsos, John NSW
1871 Karan, Ranveer NSW
438? Karunagaran, Arvend NSW
1893 Keast, Don A NSW
1304! Kelly, Michael NSW
439 Kelly, Winston NSW
1144 Kestermann, Heinz NSW
1393!! Keuning, Patrick J NSW
4g Khodadadi, Bruno NSW
1147! Kim, Caleb NSW
1g Kim, Dongchan NSW
2133!! King, Eli NSW
1321! Kirillov, Karl NSW
1820! Koh, Cedric NSW
1654 Koh, Clarise NSW
1223 Koh, Jason NSW
1583 Kojic, Slavko NSW
1554!! Kolotas, Harry NSW
1749? Kong, Adrian NSW
355? Kong, Steven Chun Shing NSW
1809!! Kordahi, Nicholas NSW
1114? Koschny, Roy NSW
1286! Kosturos, James NSW
1g Koudashev, Ivan NSW
2071! Kuan, Julian NSW
1403? Kucera, Steven NSW
1379 Kuklik, Alex NSW
1g Kumar, Viney NSW
1271 Kunkel, Veikko NSW
1335! Kuru, Argo NSW
308? Lam, Brandon NSW
1616!! Lane, Clive D NSW
2429!! Lane, Gary W [IM] NSW
415? Lane, Jasmine NSW
1860! Lane, Nancy L [WIM] NSW
1400! Lane, Ryan NSW
1760? Lau, Eddie NSW
1798 Lau, Joshua NSW
1386!! Laurie, Robert NSW
1884! Lay, Peter D NSW
1468 Lee, Brandon NSW
1g Lee, Joshua NSW
488? Lee, Victor NSW
1170? Lefort, Olivier NSW
1695? Lei, Ramon NSW
503? Leib, James NSW
1623? Leibert, James NSW
1114 Leibert, Xander NSW
1525!! Lendvai, Tibor NSW
1129? Leong, Timothy NSW
5g Leung, Jason NSW
5g Levitin, Stan NSW
1665! Li, Raymond NSW
1147! Li, Simon NSW
1240? Li, Zhenhua NSW
1066 Liberto, Max NSW
7g Liew, Jessica NSW
6g Lim, Johnmin NSW
4g Lim, Michele NSW
3g Lin, Johnson NSW
1488 Lin, Kerry NSW
814 Lisau, Maksim NSW
156? Liu, Kevin NSW
1787! Liu, Steven Hern NSW
906?? Liu, Ziping NSW
730 Lo, Adrian NSW
3g Loader, Mitch NSW
744? Loong, Emma Jane NSW
1323!! Lopes, Anthony NSW
7g Losada, Julio NSW
1534!! Losh, Gary NSW
1535!! Low, Frank NSW
1993!! Luchtmeijer, Anthonie Pieter NSW
708 Luo, Nelson NSW
1695?? Ma, Xing NSW
1402! Macgillivray, Ken NSW
240?? Mahajan, Archit NSW
1352 Maharaj, Jashint NSW
1641? Mahenthirarajah, Aran NSW
2013!! Mallari, Donato NSW
401 Mallari, Jannah NSW
430 Mallari, Jannica NSW
515 Mallari, Joshua NSW
2225!! Mandla, Blair [CM] NSW
1362! Marcuson, Danny NSW
1802 Marsden, John A NSW
1182?? Marsh, Brett NSW
1526!! Marsh, David NSW
1535! Marsh, Luke NSW
1250! Martin, Ben NSW
1391 Martin, Christopher NSW
861?? Martin, Vicky NSW
4g Martinez, Ernesto NSW
1420!! Marton, Alan G NSW
1562! Mather, Robert L NSW
1027! Matson, John NSW
1405 Matthai, Carsten NSW
1339 Mavroidis, George NSW
1801! Mavroidis, Jim NSW
1502? Mayne, Ziah NSW
1795!! Mazzieri, John NSW
716?? McClatchie, Gordon NSW
1443 Mcgowan, Cameron NSW
228? McIlveen, Trevor NSW
1667? McKee, Luke NSW
1418! McLean, Nathan NSW
2163 McNamara, Gary NSW
1589 McParland, John NSW
1500 Mearns, David NSW
691?? Mehanna, Gabriel NSW
1024! Melamed, Daniel NSW
1709! Meldrum, George W NSW
1219? Mendez, Raymond NSW
1695? Meng, Terry NSW
927! Menzies, Henry NSW
1513!! Merhi, Alexandre NSW
1593!! Mikkelsen, Max NSW
1470! Mikolajczyk, Les NSW
1573? Miler, Edvard NSW
1508!! Miller, Gordon NSW
1748?? Miranda, Adrian NSW
1424 Mitrovic, Ivan NSW
1053? Mohammad, Abdullah NSW
1537! Mojanovski, Dimitar NSW
1014!! Momot, Alex NSW
504? Moncur, David NSW
1082! Money, Greg NSW
1893!! Montenegro, Jesson NSW
1523? Montenegro, Raphael NSW
286 Moonen, Anousheh NSW
7g Moore, Elijah NSW
1505 Morgan, George NSW
1159 Morris, Darren NSW
1698 Morris, Jordan NSW
2272!! Morris, Michael NSW
1703 Mostafa, Issa NSW
1672! Mouritsen, Per NSW
1191!! Mower, Andrew NSW
749 Mukherjee, Ishaan NSW
1713! Muller, Hans P NSW
1917 Muller, Henning NSW
1714!! Murgoski, Kole NSW
2043!! Murray, Bruce D [CM] NSW
4g Murray, Richard NSW
1235? Murray, Samuel NSW
6g Murray, Stephen NSW
1421 Nabulsi, Derek NSW
1289! Nafari, Pari NSW
2070? Nanavati, Minir NSW
1226? Nasif, Emad NSW
1219 Nemeth, Bela L NSW
2052!! Ng, Clive [CM] NSW
527 Nguyen, John NSW
2081! Nguyen, Joseph NSW
1335? Nguyen, Peter (Huy) NSW
1548! Nguyen, Tan Thanh NSW
1647? Nikolaou, Chris NSW
285 Nilaweera Patabendige, Devon NSW
698 Norimura, Toshiki NSW
1946! Nutter, John NSW
2258!! O’Chee, Kevin [FM] NSW
1678!! O’Donoghue, Malachi NSW
1908 O’Riordan, Bernard NSW
1278! O’Rourke, Kevin NSW
821! Odenthal, Aidan NSW
1g Odenthal, Dylan NSW
585 Odenthal, Ewan NSW
1762! Ollivain, Thierry NSW
New Ord, Katie NSW
617! Oudhof, Oliver NSW
1481 Pagadala, Mohan NSW
660! Pan, Jason NSW
353 Pan, Katherine NSW
1332? Pan, Stephen NSW
1067?? Pangilinan, Elijah NSW
1378!! Papadakis, Dimitris NSW
2086 Papantoniou, John NSW
1774! Parker, Trent NSW
1879! Parsonage, Ian P [CM] NSW
1461 Parsons, Colin J NSW
671! Parsons, Matthew NSW
949? Parsons, Michael NSW
1388!! Pascoe, John L NSW
1001! Patel, Parashar NSW
1641! Patkar, Tushar NSW
1457 Patterson, Phil NSW
1245 Patterson, Philip NSW
549! Paul, Matthew NSW
3g Pehlivan, Daniel NSW
1626? Penafiel, Jason NSW
1432!! Pepping, John M NSW
2051 Perera, Pasan NSW
1707? Perkovic, Matthew NSW
1596?? Petkovski, Peco NSW
263? Pfefferle, Adrian NSW
1901! Pfefferle, Georg NSW
1539! Pham, Thai NSW
133?? Phillips, Kailen NSW
4g Phipps, Ethan NSW
1789! Pickering, Anthony NSW
1853 Pigram, Danny NSW
1524! Pike, Robert D NSW
1834! Piplica, Igor NSW
1364!! Plant, Bruce NSW
2105!! Plant, John Stuart NSW
1969! Plaza-Quinteros, Francisco NSW
1166!! Podella, Keith NSW
1660! Pogrebinsky, Michael NSW
3g Prakash, Satya NSW
1817! Prasad, Lalit [CM] NSW
1333?? Preet, Anand NSW
1529!! Press, Brian J NSW
3g Priest, Jamie NSW
1730 Priest, Tim NSW
1565!! Pyke, Sean NSW
2g Qi, Angela NSW
1302! Qiang, Vincent NSW
1475! Quaranta, Marco NSW
1352!! Quek, Bob NSW
1877!! Quek, Kristine [WFM] NSW
1375? Quek, Ryan NSW
1338!! Quesada, Eddie NSW
1641! Rachmadi, Herman NSW
1942!! Radev, Nikola NSW
1351!! Radevski, Vane NSW
307? Rajan, Erick NSW
1489? Rajesh, Nikhil NSW
1331? Ramesh, Sriram NSW
1388! Rangarajan, Arvind NSW
2g Rao, Jack NSW
1869? Rares, Steven D NSW
1163? Ratkovich, Ivo NSW
1757? Raykhman, Oleg NSW
1823 Redgrave, John NSW
1796! Reid, Vaness [WFM] NSW
463? Ren, Annica NSW
1349! Repetylo, John NSW
1825!! Rewais, Sarwat NSW
1427! Reynolds, Simon NSW
1964 Rippis, Theos NSW
1257! Robeille, John NSW
1639! Roberts, Michael Gerard NSW
1454? Robinson, Allen NSW
1419 Robinson, Andrew NSW
1910 Rodgers, Jack NSW
Unr Romic, Mile NSW
2128!! Rose, Adrian P NSW
729? Roseby, Andrew NSW
2g Rosenberg, Reuben NSW
1071? Ross, Darryl NSW
531 Ross, Jesse NSW
1280 Rostami, Mahdi NSW
1415? Routh, Tristan NSW
1765! Rowlison, Colin N NSW
1878!! Russell, Paul NSW
2g Sa, Daniel NSW
New Sabir, Laila NSW
2063! Safarian, Alek NSW
1392!! Saiti, Adam NSW
1710!! Sandalciyan, Aram NSW
1557! Sandrasegaran, Aran NSW
1377?? Santos, Robert NSW
3g Satya Prakash, Viswanath NSW
637? Saunders, Beau NSW
1380? Saunders, Brett NSW
371? Sausa, John NSW
1g Schmelzer, Hansi NSW
2g Schroder, Lucy NSW
1441!! Schuetz, Fred NSW
1430!! Schwandl, Hans NSW
925!! Sciberras, Reno NSW
2318! Scott, Ronald NSW
7g Selig, Edward NSW
New Sen, Adam NSW
1071! Sen, Deniz NSW
708! Sen, Derin NSW
1636! Seneviratne, Suranga NSW
1649 Sentiasa, Natharrel NSW
956 Sewell, Bob NSW
1338!! Sharkawy, Sam NSW
1355!! Shaw, Ralph NSW
7g Shen, Anica NSW
8g Shen, Bernice NSW
1451! Shen, Fiona NSW
1441!! Shen, Kevin NSW
437? Shen, Kevin (200401) NSW
993? Shevchenko, Gregory NSW
1940! Shi, Eric NSW
178?? Siafakas, Eleni NSW
1407!! Sike, Paul NSW
2023! Silver, Dmitri NSW
728?? Silver, Gregory NSW
1238! Silver, Grisha NSW
1460! Simamora, Noptar NSW
1584!! Simmonds, Rex NSW
1775 Singaram, Subramanian NSW
2g Singh, Sahib NSW
1304! Singleton, Tim NSW
1778!! Sirkka, Pertti T NSW
1421! Sitompul, Sotarduga NSW
1442! Sizeland, Adam NSW
1362!! Sizeland, Robert C NSW
1735! Slidziunas, John NSW
2482!! Smirnov, Anton [IM] NSW
1420! Smit, George NSW
1397! Soliman, Soliman NSW
944?? Someshwar, Aryan NSW
1660? Song, Warren NSW
1064 Soo, Nathan NSW
577? Soo, Reuben NSW
1599! Sparks, Chris J NSW
1g Spencer, Adam NSW
1g Spencer, Elaquare NSW
1558 Spralja, Ante NSW
1421! Starcevic, Andrej NSW
1890 Starke, Andrew NSW
1140? Steele, Thomas NSW
2351! Stephens, Malcolm [FM] NSW
1639!! Stern, David NSW
1688!! Stewart, Matthew NSW
1647!! Stipic, Steven NSW
1g Stokes, Liam NSW
3g Stoltz, Pieter NSW
798! Su, Orlando NSW
1136 Sumner, John NSW
1162? Suppiah, Kumar NSW
1110!! Suryak, Antoni NSW
171 Sutiyo, Duncan NSW
1377!! Sweeney, Matthew NSW
463! Szabo-Virag, Benjamin NSW
452! Sze-To, Jonas NSW
1563! Taffard, Christopher John NSW
1590 Talam, Lito NSW
1252! Talpade, Udit NSW
1435?? Tan, James NSW
1466! Tan, Philip NSW
925? Tan, Samuel NSW
1592! Tao, William NSW
1338!! Taric, Omar NSW
1311! Tatam, Mark NSW
2g Tatarchuk, Nicholas NSW
1338 Taylor, Graham NSW
1067?? Taylor, Murray NSW
1852? Tejada, Andres NSW
1913 Tenorio, Leonardo NSW
621! Thompson, Hamish NSW
1506! Tiffen, Rodney E NSW
1889? Tobin, Luke NSW
1577?? Todorovski, Marjan NSW
1345? Tong, Alex NSW
1190! Torban, Daniel NSW
1357! Tornyi-Aydin, Arin NSW
1422!! Tracey, Michael J NSW
299 Tracy, Jet NSW
5g Tragaris, Ross NSW
411! Trenear, Liam NSW
6g Triggell, Pat NSW
1549! Trzin, Gojko NSW
3g Tuagalu, Abel NSW
3g Tuagalu, Ike NSW
1755! Tulevski, Vasil G NSW
1166! Ullah, Sami NSW
Unr Vahl, Louis NSW
3g Vahl, William NSW
1696 Vajapeyajula, Suresh NSW
1732! Van Der Kolff, Michael NSW
6g van der Zalm, Darcy NSW
1803! Vander Wal, Fritz W NSW
1128? Vardakis, Emmanuel NSW
1141 Velis, Alfredo NSW
1g Vella, Arthur NSW
1861? Viner, Phillip J NSW
1260 Vogelmann, Arno NSW
5g Vowles, David NSW
1699!! Vowles, Justin NSW
1868! Vujasin, Nikola NSW
1499!! Wall, Terence NSW
1836 Walsh, Michael NSW
1846!! Wan, Dennis NSW
2g Wan, Hubert NSW
1887! Wan, Kinto [CM] NSW
602? Wang, Alexander NSW
509? Wang, Amy NSW
684? Wang, Haibing NSW
630? Wang, James NSW
409?? Wang, Yuzhi NSW
1825? Waterman, Chris NSW
1899! Watharow, Sean P NSW
1330? Watson, Luke NSW
1723!! Watson, Robert A NSW
2007!! Webster, David NSW
1584!! Wechsler, Ian B NSW
1036? Wei, Jason NSW
674! Wei, Sebastian NSW
1438! Weijermars, Tristan NSW
1314! Weltner, Michael NSW
1241? Went, Lindsay NSW
1769! Wentworth, Steven NSW
1235 Wenzel, Theodore NSW
1474 Wettstein, Carla NSW
6g Whelan, James NSW
2g Whelan, Peter NSW
2g Wilkes, Adam NSW
1132!! Wilkie, Mary E NSW
1986! Willathgamuwa, Kevin [CM] NSW
1917! Willathgamuwa, Rowan [CM] NSW
Unr Williamson, Steve NSW
1221! Wilson, Greg NSW
1649!! Wilson, Mark L NSW
182? Winslow, Zack NSW
1804! Winter, George NSW
1348!! Wolf, Ludwig NSW
3g Wolinski, Sam NSW
4g Wong, Anthony NSW
1061?? Wong, Christopher NSW
2g Woo, Lucas NSW
1571 Woodward, Michael R NSW
873? Wright, Doug NSW
2124 Wright, Neil S NSW
1797 Wu, Edwin NSW
1051! Wu, Harry NSW
1335!! Wu, Yifu NSW
1019?? Xia, Andrea NSW
269?? Xia, Ashley NSW
474? Xia, Justin NSW
1310 Xu, Brendan NSW
1591? Xu, Jerry NSW
2043! Xuan, Thomas [CM] NSW
508? Yamini, Saleh NSW
660! Yan, Jason NSW
1777! Yan, Matthew [CM] NSW
1313! Yang, Gordon NSW
1891? Yang, Steven NSW
1070? Yang, Timothy NSW
1757!! Yao, John NSW
333? Yap, Jonathan NSW
1826! Yermolenko, Taras NSW
697?? Yip, Ian NSW
370! Yip, Larissa NSW
1267 Yip, Luther NSW
744! Young, Peter C NSW
3g Yu, David NSW
1908 Yu, Michael NSW
220? Yuen, Lawrence NSW
1724 Yum, Brenton NSW
1314? Zaja, Tomislav NSW
1578 Zaverdinos, James NSW
1638!! Zekic, Mirsad NSW
1538! Zekic, Peter NSW
840! Zhang, Jennifer NSW
1g Zhang, Kevin NSW
1809? Zhao, Dean NSW
2563!! Zhao, Zong-Yuan [GM] NSW
657 Zhao Chen, Winston NSW
1936? Zheng, Shucheng NSW
2355 Zhou, Kai NSW
517? Zhu, Jacky NSW
1939? Zirdum, Ivan NSW
169? Zoldos, Maxwell NSW
1772 Zulkifli, Mat-Arif NSW
1050! Zuydam, Mike J NSW
1972!! Zworestine, Charles NSW
1467? Aisa, Mario NT
3g Alps, Eugene NT
2g Abdurakhmonov, Alex SA
New Abrahams, Hayden SA
1161! Ahmed, Hussain SA
1972? Ahmer, Axel SA
1736? Aikins, Toby SA
951? Al sawafi, Abdulmalik Mohammed SA
2110 Anderson, Kim SA
1694! Anderson-Smith, William SA
3g Androutsis, Connor SA
1676! Atrens, Edvard SA
1809! Azamov, Nurulla SA
1191 Bamess, Duane SA
6g Barber, Isaiah SA
671 Bartley, George SA
Unr Bell, David Bruce SA
862! Beltsos, Michael SA
1528! Benham, Christopher J SA
248?? Bennett, Ethan SA
6g Bogatyrev, Alex SA
952! Both, Roger James SA
3g Branch, Lachlan SA
1128! Branson, Edward SA
3g Bridgeman, Matt SA
563 Bridgeman, Niamh SA
1101 Bryant, Katerina SA
318?? Burks, Tommy SA
2109!! Cameron, Alistair SA
1719?? Cameron, Lachlan SA
911 Carr, Neville W SA
849? Casse, Remy SA
1564?? Casse, Rey SA
2373!! Chapman, Mark [IM] SA
1561! Chilman, Alan SA
1635 Chung, Edwin Shu Hon SA
1164 Clayton, Ross SA
1917!! Cloudsdale, Colin SA
1716!! Courtney, Michael J SA
1887 Cowley, Robert G SA
1839! Cox, Barry SA
263 Cregan, Gabriel SA
1g Cresdee, Kevin SA
805 Culture, Walter SA
1524? Cursaro, Wayne SA
1707 Daenke, Stephen SA
502 Daly, Matthew SA
1g Dawes, Johnathan Scott SA
1155? Dawes, Matthew SA
1g Day, Brett Anthony SA
1113 De Jong, George SA
2g De Wit, Wynand SA
Unr Dempsey, Frazer SA
3g Dollman, Luke SA
2g Douglass, Andrew P SA
282? Drew, James SA
1344 Drogemuller, Mathew SA
1530?? Eborlas, Julio SA
1179 Eime, Roland SA
4g Espina, Sergio SA
1500! Faul, Craig SA
955? Feldman, Leonid SA
1255? Fereday, A (Tony) SA
1627? Fraatz, Oliver SA
1196! Fraser, Lee SA
6g Fredes, Andres SA
1310 Galliamov, Arseny SA
1393 Glascott, Brent SA
2g Glushkov, Boris SA
1774? Glynn, David G SA
2166!! Goldsmith, Alan D SA
3g Gordienko, Vladimir SA
1082 Grbovac, Istvan SA
1824! Gregoric, Peter SA
1771 Griggs, James SA
1164? Guiney, Wayne Bertram SA
320? Gunstone, Jack SA
1126? Hammat, Aaron Scott SA
1404 Hamshere, Robert SA
1741! Han, Denny SA
1870! Han, Eddie SA
3g Han, Ryan SA
1097 Hancock, Paul SA
1340! Hatch, John H SA
1609!! Haydn, Gavin SA
1025? Heinrich, Axel SA
5g Hendrick, Thomas SA
1549! Herrmann, Oscar SA
2g Hilan, Sree SA
2g Hilangkovan, Sanggeetha SA
1554? Hoff, Greg A SA
1816!! Hoff, Michael R SA
1762!! Hoile, Robert SA
961! Horan, Paul SA
1745! Horne, Brad SA
3g Horne, Daniel SA
1591 Howard, George SA
181?? Hubczenko, Tatyana SA
926? Hughes, Peter D SA
1252! Huynh, Andy SA
1241 Huynh, Anthony SA
780 Huynh, Isabel SA
1362? Huynh, Jason SA
1326 Irving, Allan SA
1587! Ivkovic, Novica SA
811! Jeanes, David SA
1950 Jelic, Mato SA
2g Jones, Mardi SA
5g Jose, Thomas SA
1044 Kanovics, Laszlo Z SA
2g Karagiannis, Riley SA
1193! Karassoulos, George SA
1063! Karayiannis, Riley SA
2g Kim, Hajun SA
2g King, James SA
701? Kiripitige, Chathula SA
1744 Kiripitige, Punala SA
1320 Klimenchuk, Vitaly SA
New Kondamuri, Saanvi SA
1807! Kong-Lim, Qi Le SA
1316? Kong-Lim, Yu Le SA
887 Kotousov, Matvei SA
1270 Kramer, Warren SA
4g Kumar, Ajeendra SA
1054 Larkin, Brendan SA
1215 Lawton, Richard SA
1589! Leaver, Kyle SA
1355? Lee, Aaron James SA
1384 Lee, Joel SA
1575! Lidums, Aivars SA
1437? Lin, Clark Jiquan SA
871 Liu, Ethan SA
2g Liu, Ian SA
622?? Liu, Victor SA
1054!! Lower, Kevin SA
1601 Lozic, Anton SA
1410? Lu, Yong (Rick) SA
1803! Maksimovic, Mirjan SA
7g Malliotis, William SA
1338? Mandic, Samuel SA
1143? Manokaran, Srivatsav SA
1447 Maschkowsky, Alex SA
1117? Maschkowsky, Michael SA
6g Matthews, Joseph SA
2g McGrath, Patrick SA
1991!! Mdinaradze, Edgar SA
1447! Miletic, Savo SA
1399 Miller, Anthony Christopher SA
580? Mitra, Veda SA
1700! Mohammadi, Behrang SA
846? Moskvichev, Peter SA
2g Moule-Hooworth, Charlie SA
New Moule-Hooworth, Harrison SA
1220?? Nastasie, Dragos SA
2256! Nguyen, Giang [WFM] SA
845 Nguyen, Thanh-Mai SA
1562? Nicholls, Stuart SA
1326 Nicol, Matthew SA
1378! Ok, Sung Hoon SA
687! Ok, Ye Seul SA
New Olesen, Michael SA
6g Panicker, Ajeendra SA
1698!! Paprzycki, Eryk SA
980?? Parnis, Paul SA
1742!! Perinovic, Mladen SA
757?? Petrick, Christel SA
6g Pillai, Chandra SA
1576? Pobke, Josh SA
1048?? Pope, Oliver SA
1610!! Ports, Elizabeth SA
2g Qi, Kevin SA
2g Retnaraja, Athena SA
390? Retnaraja, Ethan SA
8g Reynolds, Patrick SA
1537! Riches, L John SA
1263? Russo, Frank SA
1395! Sabatini, Steven SA
1104?? Safin, Yury SA
1319 Sag, Andrew SA
1513! Sanders, Michael J SA
1378! Sarma, Venu SA
458?? Seeley, Matthew SA
New Seeley, Sophie SA
1128! Seeley, Tim SA
1248! Seet, Kee-An SA
507 Sha, Sara SA
737? Shang, Zhibo SA
2060! Sheldrick, Kevin SA
1155! Shin, Dongwoo SA
1782!! Shohani, Ammar SA
7g Sinha, Prabhat SA
1236? Skawronski, Sacha SA
438 Smallridge, Damian SA
592 Smallridge, Michael SA
487 Sooriyaarachchi, Nuwin SA
2135! Srdic, Goran SA
1594!! Staak, Eric SA
2g Stankovic, Ognyen SA
1089! Steer, Bruce SA
1535!! Steffensen, Dennis A SA
2g Stevens, Luke SA
1768! Stokes, Brett SA
1794!! Sykes, Alexander K I SA
6g Tan, Jillian SA
377 Tang, Caleb SA
1786! Tanti, Joseph G SA
2377!! Tao, Trevor [IM] SA
1108? Tavlaridis, Angelo SA
907?? Teagle, Paul SA
1701! Teagle, Sebastian SA
1296 Thavarajah, Preshaan SA
1106 Thavarajah, Visvanathan SA
931? Thomas, David Richard SA
1453! Thompson, Bradley Clark SA
1272? Thorne, Richard SA
2g Thornton, Cameron SA
5g Trinh, Ken SA
1735!! Turcaj, Pavel SA
1606! Vanderhoek, John F SA
1539!! Vuckov, George SA
686? Wachtel, Murray SA
2g Walker, Scott SA
1119! Wang, SiSi SA
928? Warren, Joshua D SA
1753! Wedding, Robin SA
1896! Wedding, William SA
2g Wells, Rollie SA
811 Wells, Susanne SA
1474? White, Henry SA
1364! Wilson, James E SA
718 Woodburn, Valerie SA
916! Yee, Hui-Si SA
3g Yee, Yiyang SA
2g Youseff, Ashraf SA
1430? Zalkauskas, Maksimas SA
2g Zelensky, Danial SA
454 Zhang, David SA
New Zhang, Jonathan SA
1066?? Zherebtsov, Daniel SA
1576!! Zorkovic, Ante SA
3g Zubic, Dusan SA
2182! Zulfic, Fedja SA
2g Zytnik, Kurt SA
1g Baldini, Michael TAS
3g Barry, Matthew TAS
1455? Beeton, Kerry TAS
1820 Bemrose, Colin J TAS
1282? Blackburn, Roger TAS
1895!! Bonham, Kevin TAS
1167? Bourke, Dylan TAS
3g Campbell, Ben TAS
1731? Carter, Mason TAS
1614! Cohen, Scott TAS
1888 Donnelly, Philip W TAS
1547!! Duiker, Fred TAS
2070? Dyer, Alastair TAS
1658? Ellis, Felix TAS
4g Fernando, Vinod TAS
7g Fitzallen, Ashton TAS
1506 Grace, Patrick TAS
1551!! Harvey, Reg TAS
963 Hay, Les TAS
1316?? Horton, Nina TAS
1602!! Horton, Russell TAS
1609!! Hughes, David TAS
1439! Ivkovic, Milutin TAS
1179? Kim, Davis TAS
1138? Kim, James TAS
1572 Kruup, Andrew TAS
1483! Kuzmic, Carey TAS
1619!! Kuzmic, Dylan TAS
1227? Lange, Lenard TAS
2g Leary, Damon TAS
1509! Ledger, R Neville TAS
1489 Lee, Kam TAS
1535!! Lewis, Nigel TAS
1591!! Little, Ian TAS
1380!! Lovric, Paul TAS
1661!! Lucas, Peter TAS
1560! Macfarlan, Rod TAS
1g Mackey, Nick TAS
2048 Markovitz, Neil TAS
1771!! McMahon, Denis TAS
1331! Midson, Michael TAS
1403!! Nagy, Alex TAS
1368! O’Mara, John TAS
1332! O’Mara, Noel TAS
2g Packer, Tai TAS
1562 Peirce, James TAS
832? Perera, Yuvini TAS
770! Perrin, Joshua TAS
1298 Popiel, Jonathan TAS
1431 Popiel, Tony TAS
678? Pridmore, Oliver TAS
1689 Rolph, Charlie W TAS
1638!! Rolph, David J TAS
1949!! Rout, Ian C TAS
1g Rowlands, Damien TAS
2g Rowlands, Nathan TAS
199 Rumley, Rebecca TAS
873! Rumley, William TAS
385 Rutledge, Adam TAS
Unr Shee, Anutosh TAS
1160 Shepherd, Chris TAS
2053? Small, David H TAS
1654! Smith, Andrew TAS
2g Tamang, Biswash TAS
1056! Vince, Bradley TAS
4g Zeeman, Mark TAS
1287 Zero, Zen TAS
1176 Abarca, Ethan VIC
838 Abson, John VIC
Unr Ahmadian, Jafar VIC
1265! Akverdi, Alp VIC
1417 Al Kamil, Mohammed VIC
1672? Albarracin, Gregorio VIC
1204?? Alexander, William VIC
1842! Anderson, Alistair VIC
1621 Andersson, Simon VIC
2g Ang, Stanley VIC
3g Ang, Winson VIC
1703!! Anton, Sarah [WCM] VIC
1751! Antoniazzi, Francesco [CM] VIC
1468!! Armerman, Mendel VIC
587? Aruliah, Nathaniel VIC
925? Arulprakasam, Joash VIC
638 Arzhintar, Daniel VIC
1555? Asaka, Samuel VIC
1510! Ashlock, Brad VIC
1270 Auimatagi, Joshua VIC
1744! Babic, Zoran VIC
1594!! Bailey, Robert VIC
887 Baillieu, Atlas VIC
1830? Bakhshi, John VIC
2g Balamurugan Veni, Buvanesh VIC
5g Balamurugan Veni, Kanimozhi VIC
1556 Balasubramanian, Mangalaganesh VIC
441? Baquial, Jacob VIC
1175 Baquial, Jonah VIC
1628! Barber, Geoffrey VIC
1518 Barlow, Chris VIC
2330? Baron, Michael [FM] VIC
1871! Barrow, Nigel VIC
1525! Bartnik, Natalie VIC
1051! Bartnik, Robert VIC
2g Basobas, Danilo VIC
7g Bazdar, Rashid VIC
1722! Bearup, Paul VIC
1560!! Beattie, Roger VIC
552? Beaumont, Archer VIC
1991! Beaumont, David VIC
1433!! Beckman, John VIC
1310!! Beeren, Lousanne VIC
1862! Beet, Cameron VIC
1678 Beggs, Joel VIC
1712!! Bekker, Gary D [CM] VIC
919?? Bell, Ian VIC
2g Ben Harin, Amit VIC
1526! Bennett, Calvin VIC
1438! Bergmanis, Olgerts VIC
Unr Bhat, Anika VIC
1794! Bhat, Vishal VIC
1417!! Bickell, Stephen J VIC
1934!! Birchall, Ian VIC
3g Blazier, Josephine VIC
1981! Booth, Stewart VIC
1g Boshoff, Matthew VIC
2101 Bourmistrov, Denis VIC
924 Brennan, James VIC
1585!! Brockman, Roland VIC
1500!! Brotheridge, Jamie VIC
1918 Bruere, Mark F VIC
240? Caldecott, Tom VIC
2g Calder, Jackson VIC
1155! Calvez, Gael VIC
1987! Cannon, David VIC
1460! Cannon, Jim VIC
6g Cater, Grant VIC
1418?? Cathcart, Robert S VIC
1725! Cavezza, Paul VIC
468?? Chan, Joshua VIC
1915! Chan, Kris VIC
1995! Chan, Luis VIC
957? Chan, Vincent VIC
Unr Chandarana, Parth VIC
3g Chander, Nethra VIC
1156 Chandrakumaran, Lemuel VIC
2g Chandraraj, Sam VIC
8g Chang, Michael VIC
885? Chang, William VIC
1310 Charnley, Chris VIC
1774!! Cheema, Mohammad VIC
6g Chen, Angus VIC
2g Chen, Junhua VIC
1289 Chen, Lachlan VIC
941? Chen, Leon VIC
1263? Chen, Matthew VIC
773! Chen, Paula VIC
2465!! Cheng, Bobby [IM] VIC
247 Cheng, Chao Shien VIC
4g Cheng, Chao Xin VIC
516? Cheng, Chao Yi VIC
3g Cheung, Morris VIC
541?? Cheung, William VIC
1748? Chew, Jason VIC
1041!! Chew Lee, Adrian VIC
1449! Chew Lee, Alanna VIC
2112!! Chew Lee, Max VIC
1g Chin, Kee Mei VIC
863! Chiverton, Barnaby VIC
813! Chiverton, Fergus VIC
1769!! Chmiel, Rad VIC
171? Choemuku-Huang, Ellie VIC
918 Choemuku-Huang, Evan VIC
1743! Chong, Reginald VIC
419? Choo, Keayan VIC
1599!! Chua, Manny VIC
3g Chul, Yehonatan VIC
1239? Clarke, Matthew A VIC
103? Clerk, Felix VIC
135 Clerk, Max VIC
1236! Commons, Tim VIC
2g Connor, Fergus VIC
1720!! Cook, Geoff L VIC
1682!! Cook, Patrick VIC
1950? Cordover, David Z VIC
360? Cordover, Elijah VIC
567? Cordover, Oliver VIC
1634? Courtis, Owen M VIC
6g Cowall, Nicholas VIC
1448! Croft, Roger VIC
465! Cron, Jack VIC
1264!! Cron, Kevin VIC
1392? Crosby, Bert VIC
1689!! Crowley, Regan VIC
758?? Crowley, Scott VIC
1286? Czuczman, Ken VIC
1596? Dai, Cheng VIC
2354! Dale, Ari [IM] VIC
1638 Dale, Finley VIC
1150!! Dale, Simon VIC
1658! Daneshvar, Reza VIC
4g Darveniza, Chris VIC
1081 Datar, Tejas VIC
1148? Davenport, Bradleigh VIC
1026 Davenport, Jarrod VIC
1685? Davenport, John VIC
1397! Davies, Stephen P VIC
295 Davis, Sophie VIC
1897!! Davis, Tony J [CM] VIC
675? Day, Jacob VIC
977? De Fazio, Anthony VIC
603? De Silva, Oneli VIC
512? De Silva, Pasandul VIC
4g Degendorfer, Mike VIC
921 Deng, Jimmy VIC
700 Dessau, Daniel VIC
4g Devlin, William VIC
1038 Dias, Douglas VIC
1034? Ding, Adison VIC
6g Ding, Rey VIC
1609! Dingfelder, Carl VIC
504! Dingfelder, Greg VIC
1913!! Dizdarevic, Mehmedalija VIC
1546? Djuric, Mirko VIC
1508 Dobos, Daniel VIC
667 Dogaris, George VIC
218? Downing, Harry VIC
2233!! Dragicevic, Domagoj [FM] VIC
1984! Drew, Phillip VIC
1591? Dulic, Belma VIC
1024?? Eagleton, Peter VIC
1371 Eldridge, James VIC
1780!! Enano, Ronald VIC
1111 Eyre, James VIC
2g Fagan, Hopper VIC
1387 Fagundes, Victor VIC
2g Fagundes, Vinicius VIC
921 Fan, Alex VIC
1539 Fan, Jenny VIC
171?? Fan, Renee VIC
2003! Fasakin, Oladoyin VIC
1144?? Fleming, John VIC
1153! Fleming, John M VIC
1680!! Fletcher, Andrew VIC
331!! Fletcher, Bruce VIC
1985 Flitney, Adrian VIC
1602!! Flude, David A VIC
959! Foo, Chris VIC
1600! Forster, Kevin VIC
963 Franes, Connor VIC
610? Franes, Spencer VIC
391 Fraser, Boaz VIC
1299! Frayle, Ben VIC
3g Frodiashvili, Avto VIC
1039! Froiland, Gunnar VIC
4g Frost, Robert VIC
1692!! Fry, Peter VIC
7g Gadiyar, Lekha VIC
1004?? Gallagher, Gary VIC
1215?? Gamage, Thumula VIC
1190! Gandhi, Bhavjyot VIC
348?? Gao, Daniel VIC
1669! Gatti, Dallas F VIC
743?? Gershenzon, Michael VIC
1878! Ghafouri, Khosrou VIC
1788! Ghumman, Shumsheer VIC
1876!! Gibson, Kyle VIC
1807 Gill, Geoffrey VIC
1295? Girgin, Baris VIC
1833! Girgin, Ege VIC
1188! Girgin, Ibrahim VIC
6g Gitsham, Matt VIC
1253? Gleeson, David VIC
2368! Goldenberg, Igor [IM] VIC
1362 Goldsmith, Richard VIC
946! Gooch, Aryn VIC
1592 Gooch, Heath VIC
2202!! Gorka, Carl VIC
412?? Goss, Alex VIC
833?? Goswami, Moksh VIC
1946 Grabovac, Marko VIC
852!! Gray, Alan VIC
418? Green, Jacqui VIC
251? Green, Lillian VIC
8g Green, Paul VIC
277? Green, Robert VIC
707! Gu, Dennis VIC
1519!! Gungordu, Ismet VIC
1701! Guo, Zhi Lin [WCM] VIC
1426! Guo, Zhi Xin VIC
3g Gurkan, Mehmet VIC
2082!! Hacche, David J [FM] VIC
1916! Hain, Anthony [CM] VIC
1528 Hain, Michael VIC
2036! Hamilton, Douglas G [FM] VIC
1130! Haputhanthri, Ashali VIC
982! Haputhanthri, Milan VIC
286? Haralambopoulos, Nicholas VIC
1316!! Harris, Alexander VIC
5g Harrison, Cliff VIC
1615! Harrison, Harrison VIC
1428! Harrison, Liam VIC
1618 Harrison, Zoe VIC
413? Hau, Matthew VIC
627? Hau, Megan VIC
1059? Hau, Patrick VIC
1681? Hayman, Adam VIC
1450! Healey, Daniel VIC
1677! Healey, Leigh VIC
1658! Hernandez, Walter VIC
1181? Hesketh, Bruce VIC
1745! Hilliard, Geoffrey VIC
635? Hoashi, Yuri VIC
1671!! Hogan, Steven VIC
2014!! Hogg, Dean VIC
1778 Hoholis, Harry VIC
1739 Holt, Kenneth P VIC
1100! Hooi, Ethan VIC
499! Hooi, Kathleen VIC
2153 Hornung, Michael P VIC
1541! Hosseini, Mostafa VIC
498! Hu, Timothy Tianmeng VIC
1950? Hua, George VIC
1801!! Humphreys, Scott VIC
1190? Husek, Nicholas VIC
865? Huver, Paul VIC
1220! Huynh, Phong VIC
469 Huynh, Travis VIC
1690!! Ilic, Goran VIC
1582! Ilic, Milan VIC
1468! Ilic, Nicholas VIC
1490 Ivanov, Nikola VIC
1110?? Jackson, Paul A VIC
1674!! Jacobs, Rodney M VIC
506! Jacobs, Sasha VIC
1502!! Jago, Stephen VIC
1622! Jahid, Khadem VIC
1346 Jamal, Mustafa VIC
5g Jasin, Dinil VIC
6g Jasin, Senel VIC
947 Jassal, Xavier VIC
1762!! Jenkins, Keith VIC
2028 Jensen, Kai VIC
1885!! Jiang, Bill VIC
1460! Jiang, Michael VIC
2463!! Johansen, Darryl K [GM] VIC
1047? Johnson, Coen VIC
2g Johnson, Daniel VIC
5g Jokanovic, Momcilo VIC
1452 Jones, Hamish VIC
1303! Jones, Richard VIC
572! Jones, Zoe VIC
2226!! Jordan, William [FM] VIC
1824! Jothibabu, Anandaram VIC
1764!! Kalisch, Tom VIC
1535! Kam, Ryan VIC
797 Kam, Sara VIC
957 Kamath, Sunil VIC
1506!! Kaplan, Alex VIC
1869? Kara, Barboros VIC
426?? Kelly, Jasmine VIC
100?? Kelly, Rose VIC
1209! Kelsen, Paul VIC
1909!! Kempen, Leon [CM] VIC
1308 Kenmure, Jamie VIC
2044!! Kerr, Bill VIC
3g Kerr-Nelson, James VIC
1359! Kersten, Ben VIC
1823! Kildisas, Victor E VIC
1207! Kloprogge, Ion VIC
1226! Kodituwakku, Imanya VIC
807! Kodituwakku, Risinu VIC
1937 Kolak, Chris VIC
1376!! Kolak, Tanya VIC
1233 Kostakakis, Angelo VIC
742?? Kovacevic, Bojan VIC
1740!! Kovacevic, Paul VIC
3g Krajewski, Andrew VIC
1592! Krishnamurthy, Mukesh VIC
1706! Krmpotic, Dejan VIC
1477!! Krstevska, Tanya VIC
1767!! Krstevski, Tristan [CM] VIC
1869 Krstic, Slobodan VIC
1437! Krysiak, Jerzy VIC
1922!! Lacey, David VIC
1179! Lai, Dominic VIC
550? Landau, Jay VIC
1377!! Lane, Victor VIC
1267! Langer, John VIC
1098! Lategan, Bjorn VIC
4g Laurie, Andrew VIC
1610! Lawson, Shane VIC
4g Le, Brayden VIC
100?? Le, Michael VIC
1677! Lea, Tom VIC
845 Lean, Giles F VIC
465?? Lee, Bridget VIC
1153!! Lee, Geoff VIC
818 Lee, Stafford VIC
1472? Lenne, Patrick VIC
446? Leong-La, Callista VIC
1565 Leontyev, Leon VIC
2247! Levi, Eddy L [FM] VIC
4g Li, Chuyue Angie VIC
425 Li, Jackie VIC
865! Li, Oliver VIC
2g Li, Steven VIC
389? Liang, Nick VIC
1510! Lim, Cassandra VIC
1450! Lim, Christopher VIC
1558! Lim, Denise VIC
1840! Lim, Ethan VIC
848? Lin, Emily VIC
1854? Lin, Gary VIC
843? Lindstrom, Sebastian VIC
1792! Liston, Howard VIC
585? Liu, Andrew VIC
695?? Liu, Esther VIC
118?? Liu, Patrick VIC
1294 Livic, Vinko VIC
856 Lo, Kendrick VIC
1052 Lo, Selwyn VIC
1g Locke, Alistair VIC
3g Loeu, Thomas VIC
2231! Loh, Zachary [FM] VIC
1952!! Lojanica, Milenko VIC
1368! Loucas, Carl VIC
873? Loucas, George VIC
1573!! Loveband, Rob VIC
1398!! Lu, Lillian VIC
5g Lubomirsky, Vladimir VIC
1579? Lumsdon, David VIC
7g Luong, Vivienca VIC
1930!! Ly, Thai VIC
1801!! Lycett, Garry VIC
767? Macak, Sean VIC
1746 Machell, Don VIC
1778 Maligin, William VIC
3g Mane, Arica VIC
1075 Mangalaganesh, Shruthi VIC
1g Mansouri, Asghar VIC
1263 Maricak, Ben VIC
413? Marsh, Zane VIC
1600? Martin, James VIC
1745! Martinez, Octavio VIC
2289! Matheson, Laurence VIC
754! Maunders, Myiesha VIC
1726! McCart, Richard VIC
1563! McCart, Roger VIC
1160! McCutcheon, Alistair VIC
1088! McEachern, Graham VIC
7g McEwen, Matheson VIC
1479! McIntyre, Charlie VIC
401? McIntyre, Julian VIC
2g McKinley, Maddy VIC
1217!! Meilicke, George VIC
1073! Mendes, Amelia VIC
790?? Mendis, Shanaya VIC
1208! Middleton, Jody VIC
1523 Miitel, Peter J VIC
1727!! Mijatovic, Bosko VIC
291?? Mikael, Razi VIC
2g Mikosza, Rowan VIC
1081! Millington, Garry VIC
863? Mills, Gareth VIC
588 Mills, Terence VIC
796 Milojevic, Milos VIC
1894!! Milojevic, Miodrag VIC
998? Minty, Kenneth VIC
639? Moad, David VIC
1412! Mollard, Max J VIC
1290? Moore, Joshua VIC
2461!! Morris, James [IM] VIC
189?? Mould, Jeff VIC
1382! Mullen, Chris VIC
1821 Murray, Russell VIC
1421! Mustafa, Metin VIC
1742! Mygovych, Sasha VIC
880! Najim, Chris VIC
Unr Narayanan, Vijay Kumar VIC
1648? Narenthran, Savithri [WFM] VIC
1980! Narenthran, Tharmaratnam [CM] VIC
1355 Nasiri, Mohammad VIC
1105? Neal, Benjamin VIC
1357 Nemaric, Tom VIC
2170!! Nemeth, John VIC
1409 Nemeth, Laszlo VIC
763? New, Andre VIC
437? New, Martine VIC
805 Newsome, Lindsay VIC
1024!! Neymanis, Eric VIC
156? Ng, Jaye VIC
980! Ng, Jonathan VIC
252?? Ng, Kaye VIC
2211 Nguyen, Leo VIC
468? Nguyen, Vincent VIC
1687! Ni, John VIC
1704!! Nothdurft, John D VIC
693? Nottle, Jared VIC
927 Nuitjen, Jouke VIC
Unr O’Leary, Mike VIC
1553! Ogden, Marcus W VIC
810?? Ongko, Timothy VIC
1124!! Oppenheim, Tom VIC
1492!! Oswald, Franz VIC
1293 Ou, Sunny VIC
Unr Overs, Elliot VIC
5g Ozden, Ilker Cain VIC
5g Pais, Shaver VIC
2g Papac, Luka VIC
1710!! Papadinis, Jim VIC
331? Paratz, Leon VIC
3g Parkar, Aamir VIC
2091! Partsi, Dimitry VIC
482? Paterson, Charlie VIC
140? Patnaikuni, Jay VIC
756? Patnaikuni, Ryan VIC
7g Pearce, Brian VIC
1354? Pearson, Michael VIC
1910!! Penrose, Justin VIC
1646!! Perrin, Kevin J VIC
1140! Pham, Thomas VIC
493? Phillips, Harry VIC
1249 Phillips, Max VIC
614? Phillips, Paul VIC
8g Phung, Zachary VIC
1273 Pleiter, Dylan VIC
1052! Poberezovsky, Daniel VIC
1610!! Potter, Christopher VIC
1611 Potter, Matthew VIC
1446! Potulic, Vic VIC
518 Powell, Shalana VIC
2249!! Puccini, Jack [FM] VIC
623? Purandare, Aarav VIC
2102!! Pyke, Malcolm L VIC
1534 Qadir, Syed Abdullah VIC
3g Quah, Ken Gene VIC
1919! Raine, Marcus VIC
448 Rajit, Isaac VIC
1457! Ramos, Antonio VIC
1981! Rashid, Abdulwahab [FM] VIC
885!! Rasmussen, Henning VIC
1059 Ravichandren, Niruruthi VIC
1628?? Rendell, Sam VIC
302?? Renshaw, Jaimee VIC
1376!! Renzies, Elliott VIC
1500!! Richards, Derek VIC
957 Rips, Gabriel VIC
1470? Ristic, Mio VIC
4g Rizk, Taran VIC
1557 Rogers, Don VIC
1115 Roisman, Daniel VIC
2g Roldan, Milan VIC
2g Roopalal, Karthik VIC
1789 Rothlisberger, Marcel VIC
1g Roy, Ricky VIC
2271!! Rujevic, Mirko [IM] VIC
1221! Rutherford, David VIC
1995? Rutherford, Simon A [FM] VIC
8g Sajimon, Vishnusankar VIC
1296? Salama, John VIC
1637!! Salanowski, Mark VIC
1605! Salasan, Haran VIC
687 Salvagno, Michael VIC
2222! Sandler, Leonid [IM] VIC
1773? Sannidhanam, Anurag VIC
443? Saric, Sergey VIC
1858! Savige, Colin B VIC
1555! Schepisi, David VIC
2088!! Schmidt, Simon VIC
2312!! Schon, Eugene [FM] VIC
919!! Schreenan, Michael VIC
1166 Schulz, Chris VIC
1374? Scott, Ridley VIC
1137!! Seehusen, John VIC
1250!! Segrave, Chris VIC
100?? Selwanes, Anthony VIC
2g Senn-Sanger, Connor VIC
1549! Senturk, Bahri VIC
6g Sethupathy, Sumedha VIC
2g Shah, Nishil VIC
570?? Shanahan, Brett VIC
1679 Shanks, Bryan VIC
1702! Shanks, Jack VIC
1658 Sharma, Animesh VIC
1632!! Sharman, Scot A VIC
5g Shetty, Reah VIC
368? Shipley, Peverel VIC
1503 Silas, Pranas VIC
1469! Simon, Endre VIC
1527! Singh, Surjeet VIC
2051! Skiotis, Pano VIC
4g Smyrk, Brad VIC
617! Snow, Richard A VIC
1372! Soetanto, Brandon VIC
770 Soetanto, Eddy VIC
1486! Soler, Rembrandt VIC
637 Soler, Renoir VIC
390 Soler, Russell VIC
4g Somasundarum, Arun VIC
1904! Soo, Kai Jie VIC
668?? Soo, Oliver VIC
1512? Spencer, Benjamin VIC
1257?? Spencer, Paul A VIC
3g Stamatakos, John VIC
1962!! Stead, Kerry [CM] VIC
2g Stefanatos, Christopher VIC
1522? Steven, Michael J VIC
1411? Stevens, Martin VIC
1531 Stewart, Clint VIC
3g Stewart, Steven VIC
1428 Stimson, David VIC
429? Stockley, Andrew VIC
4g Stojadinovic, Gordan VIC
1257! Stojic, Milan VIC
1938!! Stojic, Svetozar VIC
1574? Stokie, William VIC
1756! Stones, Rebecca VIC
1522! Strickland, Rebecca VIC
1462!! Sucevic, Milic VIC
1895! Sugrue, Michael VIC
1822? Sun, Zheng VIC
1063 Sy, Joseph VIC
1743! Szuveges, Narelle S [WIM] VIC
2415 Tan, Justin [IM] VIC
1748! Tan, Kim E VIC
2173! Tang, Jason VIC
1315! Tausz, Michael VIC
1216 Taylor, Stephan James VIC
657?? Templeton, Zach VIC
1235? Tetau, Heinz VIC
999! Thandhi, Mohan VIC
622! Thiagarajan, Mahalakshme VIC
4g Thigarajan, Mahalakshme VIC
1368?? Threlfall, Mathew VIC
794? Tie, Samuel VIC
1806!! Tionko, Efrain VIC
318 Tonkin, Angus VIC
1497!! Toro, Eduardo VIC
1537! Trewin, Samuel VIC
406? Trivedi, Maulin VIC
1718!! Tsagarakis, Angelo VIC
1725 Tuglaci, Serif VIC
932? Tyrone, Angelo VIC
7g Umansky, Greg VIC
8g Unterberger, Pauline VIC
2187! Urban, Sylvester VIC
1154? Vainer, Michael VIC
1741!! Van Den Hoff, Damien VIC
1815! Van Riel, Bas VIC
1485! Velican, Zel VIC
1655! Veljanovski, Goran VIC
2g Verginis, Nikolaos VIC
813! Vergunst, John VIC
509? Vijayakumar, Aadav VIC
695? Villacastin, Rodney VIC
Unr Vincent, Scott VIC
1765!! Voon, Richard VIC
4g Vuglar, Jeffrey VIC
1691!! Vuglar, Shanon VIC
1549?? Wade, Ryan VIC
7g Wadhwa, Nidhi VIC
2371!! Wallis, Christopher [FM] VIC
694? Wang, Aijun VIC
2g Wang, Andrew (2004) VIC
1739! Wang, Kayson VIC
1299! Wang, Ruicheng VIC
327 Wang, Steven VIC
905? Wang, William VIC
602 Wang, Yifan Eva VIC
800 Warren, Elizabeth VIC
1633!! Watson, James VIC
1285! Watson, Jean VIC
1067! Weeraratne, Ken VIC
1050! Wei, Rebecca VIC
1661! Wemyss, Andrew M VIC
2g Werner, Lucas VIC
2362! West, Guy [IM] VIC
558 Whitford, Cameron VIC
412? Whitford, Matthew VIC
1694 Wijesuriya, Vineetha [WCM] VIC
1565 Wildes, John VIC
3g Wolfe, Beckett VIC
690? Wong, Althea VIC
1601 Wong, Joseph VIC
2095? Wong, Ngiam Yee VIC
7g Wong, ShinWei VIC
490 Woon, Clarice VIC
474 Woon, Rachel VIC
1225 Wootten, Rory VIC
786? Worsnop, Andrew VIC
1676!! Wyss, Felix VIC
1821! Yang, Ray VIC
1501? Yao, Licia VIC
1068!! Yates, Anna VIC
1390! Yates, Jonathon VIC
8g Yew, Gloria VIC
1492!! Yilmaz, Ahmet VIC
1688 Ying, Jimmy VIC
3g Yong, Marcus VIC
1977? Yu, Allen VIC
1829!! Yu, Bobby VIC
1943 Yu, Derek VIC
371 Yu, Emma VIC
332 Yu, Lachlan VIC
1077! Yu, Tony VIC
1124? Yuan, Bill VIC
1809! Yung, Cameron VIC
1459 Yung, Jamie VIC
1022 Yung, Pearl VIC
1037 Zacharczenko, Vladimir VIC
2340 Zelesco, Karl [FM] VIC
1213! Zhao, Isaac VIC
578? Zhou, Jack VIC
4g Zhou, Joey VIC
764? Zhou, Yi Kai (Joey) VIC
1502! Zou, Brendan VIC
1196! Zou, Edwin VIC
1549 Zuccala, Christopher VIC
3g Abuleela, Izzy WA
1826!! Adam, Gavin WA
1661? Ahmed, Sakib WA
1480! Apostol, Marlon WA
1773 Aquilina, Joe WA
1280! Athanasiadis, Athanasios WA
1792! Ayling, Simon D WA
2112! Bagheri, Arian WA
849 Bailey, Ben WA
1125 Bailye, Ron WA
1459!! Barber, John WA
4g Bart, Tony WA
1882!! Baumgartner, Robert WA
1412! Benken, Dieter WA
1326! Bhardwaj, Aayush WA
1613! Bhardwaj, Dhruv WA
1076! Bordas, Lindsay WA
2384!! Boyd, Tristan [FM] WA
1g Boyles, Ed WA
1336!! Brooke, John WA
3g Butsenko, Igor WA
6g Byrne, Barrie WA
4g Caldwell, Anthony WA
1948! Carolin-Unkovich, George WA
6g Cass, Torr WA
2g Chakraborty, Utso WA
939?? Cheung, Suk Fen WA
1895!! Chin, Albert-Chao L WA
2336!! Choong, Yita WA
1719! Colic, Igor WA
1524!! Craft, Guy WA
1316! Cunningham, Robert WA
1456!! Davis, Geoff WA
2g Davoll, Josh WA
1554! De Jong, Sjef WA
1854 De Yaak, Peter WA
806? Dharmapuri, Kundan WA
1648! Dharmapuri, Sri Krishna Kousel WA
1523!! Donaldson, Gary WA
2076 Donaldson, Thomas WA
708? Drake, Brian WA
1870!! Dunlop, Gordon WA
1407? Edwards, Monty WA
1957!! Elkington, Derek WA
1998!! Ellis, David WA
1840!! Escalante, Lorenzo WA
1g Falasca, Marco WA
1458! Fardoe, Alan WA
637 Farrelly, Cathy WA
2192!! Ferozkohi, Ihsan WA
1666!! France, George WA
1135!! Frankland, David M WA
1548? Frazer, Darcy WA
1236? Freeman, Robert WA
1g Fry, Josh WA
1539!! Gale, Brian WA
1187?? Gavinsson, Sebastian WA
1885!! Gilmetdinov, Edik WA
1461! Gomez, Kenneth WA
2061! Gong, Patrick WA
1383? Gough, Dylan WA
5g Grigg, Bayley WA
1100? Hahn, Ingolf WA
1513? Halim, Azizullah WA
1966!! Hardegen, Andrew WA
1950! Hardegen, Kathryn WA
2041! Hare, Tim WA
1285? Heeris, Don WA
1682! Hintz, Steven WA
1857! Holland, Dennis WA
1207 Holland, Jacob WA
2093! Horstmann, Michael WA
1377!! Hounsome, David WA
1347! Howard, Mark WA
1377!! Hunt, Stewart WA
1590!! Hurst, Benjamin WA
1673!! Jahangirian, Mohammad WA
1643? Jamtsho, Sonam WA
1766!! Janceski, Alex WA
1240! Johnson, Ivan WA
1635!! Jones, Alex WA
1857!! Jones, Stephen E WA
2031!! Kelly, Adam [CM] WA
1028! Kelly, Alan WA
1741? Khalifa, Abdelrahim WA
1479 Klimczak, Joe WA
1211!! Koch, Lucien WA
1727! Koehler, Colin WA
1689! Koh, Paddy WA
1844? Konovalov, Eugeniy WA
1136? Kramer, Branko WA
1268!! Kruger, Ruben WA
2013! Kueh, Michael WA
3g Kuhnel, Martin WA
2368 Kurniawan, Stephanus WA
7g Laurenson, Matthew WA
1021? Lee, Su-Ann WA
1855!! Leonhardt, Wolfgang WA
1817!! Lilly, Richard WA
1555!! Lintern, Melvyn WA
1820 List, Ross WA
1531? Loukine, Anton WA
3g Low, Darrian WA
1605!! Lubtschenko, Wally WA
1552! Lugovskoy, Andrey WA
2003! Maggs, Derwent WA
1082? Majeks, Ethan WA
1573!! Maris, Fred A WA
1758!! Maris, Natalie A WA
2020!! Maris, Robert WA
1341!! Markou, Victor WA
1111?? Martin, Noelle WA
348?? McDowall, Christopher WA
580?? McDowall, Simon WA
1701! Mcgregor, Mike WA
1577!! Mclean, Doug WA
1385! Mcquilkin, Graeme WA
1668!! Mechlowski, Lennard WA
1623 Meyer, Jacques WA
1266! Milovanovic, Stevica WA
3g Mirsadeghi, Raihane WA
1338! Moseley, Paul WA
1285!! Motu, Ben WA
3g Mounsey, Jeremy WA
1428! Muller, Norbert WA
1701? Mygal, Kevin WA
1490!! Nairn, Mike WA
1648! Natividad, Allan WA
1038? Norcliffe, Gordon WA
1603 O’Shaughnessy, Dave WA
2g Octaviano, Joel WA
Unr Ognesis, Sam WA
3g Orr, Lewis WA
1589 Orssengo, Girma WA
2g Pan, Edward WA
1575! Pan, Eric WA
1558! Parekh, Sahil WA
8g Parker, James WA
3g Pavez, Luciano WA
1430? Peiris, Sas WA
1959 Pinnock, Thomas WA
1676! Plaganyi, Gyula WA
1443! Prunty, Jon WA
1g Pudovskis, Matthew WA
1g Pudovskis, Matthew WA
1000?? Ram, Omri WA
598?? Reynolds, Bert WA
4g Rodriguez, Julian WA
1990!! Roza, Peter WA
4g Ruaya, Chris WA
2g Rutherford, James WA
1927!! Saleh, Akef WA
1920?? Sam, Ryan WA
1429! Sandells, Luke WA
2064! Saroha, Chirag WA
1046!! Scheidler, Hermann WA
2001! Seah, Eddy WA
1403!! Senthil Kumar, Pranav WA
1276 Senthil Kumar, Raghav WA
1826!! Shaw, Robin A WA
1593!! Sheridan, Wallace WA
1349! Singh, Gurpartap WA
3g Soutar, Gavin WA
3g Spatar, David WA
1363? Speirs, Andrew WA
1035! Surveyor, Ivor WA
1469! Swan, Mike WA
1487! Taylor, Garry G WA
172?? Taylor, Harrison WA
1603! Taylor, Kelvin WA
1997!! Taylor, Leon M WA
1851!! Tomic, Nedeljko WA
4g Tonkin, Alex WA
1487!! Van Emden, Bob WA
4g Van Helden, Bill WA
5g van Tonder, Andre WA
5g Van Tonder, Talitha WA
2081!! Vlietstra, Marc WA
963? Walker, Andrew WA
1381!! Walker, Colin WA
3g Webb, Tom WA
1490? Webber, John WA
1232 White, Alan WA
1695 Whitehead, Paul WA
1243! Wijesuriya, Rahal WA
1667? Williams, Jayden WA
3g Winkler, Rainer WA
3g Wiseman, Jim WA
1835!! Wolstencroft, Alan WA
1632? Wood, Steven WA
1447! Woodhill, Scott WA
1608 Xiong, Sean WA
1697!! Yap, Ignatius WA
1655! Yeung, Evan WA
1487! Zdrunkovic, Sasa WA
1095! Zylstra, Peter WA
1600? Adricula, Noel A [CM] OS
1891 Aguilar, Elton John OS
1436? Ahmed, Hammad OS
1796? Aleksandrov, Mitko OS
3g Alter, Laurent OS
2182? Ang, Alphaeus Wei ern [CM] OS
2g Arellano, Jerome Gabriel OS
2265 Bao, Qilin OS
2361? Becker, Martin Alexander [IM] OS
1948! Bennett, Hilton [CM] OS
1595?? Besga, Benjamin OS
2135!! Bierkens, Pieter OS
739 Brahmachari, Mokshakar OS
1967! Brokko, Margit [WFM] OS
1892 Burke, Matthew OS
1639 Calvello, Simone OS
1850?? Chan, Alexander OS
6g Chang, Raphael OS
1585! Chen, Alvin Yi Jing OS
1805? Chen, Marcus Meng Boon OS
1799 Choong, Mark OS
1518? Chua, Alfred Xue Kai OS
1521? Clarkson, Robert OS
1639 Cooper, Nigel OS
2g Dansalan, Jan Franchezka OS
2320! De Paiva, Pedro Henrique OS
1977 Dhar, Manodip OS
2270 Dive, Russell John [IM] OS
1509? Doshi, Devansh Sanjay OS
1596 Faber, Lukas OS
2014!! Fancy, Stuart OS
1884! Fazel, Amin OS
1665? Foo, Andrea Zai Xin OS
2613 Ganguly, Surya Shekhar [GM] OS
2260? Garbett, Paul [IM] OS
1928? Gong, Daniel Hanwen [CM] OS
1198? Goswami, Sugandha OS
1789! Goundar, Sanmogam [CM] OS
1771!! Grkow, Andrew OS
2223! Gruenter, Martin OS
2564! Heberla, Bartlomiej [GM] OS
1806! Heidari, Ako OS
1830?? Heydari, Majid OS
2202? Hu, Xi OS
1834 Huang, Jimmy Ching-Chih OS
1924 Iandolo, Marco OS
2521!! Izzat, Kanan [FM] OS
2411! Jones, Richard S [IM] OS
2342 Kargosha, Bahman OS
2576!! Kazhgaleyev, Murtas [GM] OS
1938! Khaled, Omar OS
2391 Khamatgaleev, Alexej [IM] OS
490?? Khamatgaleev, Michael [IM] OS
2497!! Khusnutdinov, Rustam [GM] OS
2g Koh, Sian Kuan Bausch OS
2349! Kourkounakis, Ilias OS
1843? Kow, Jonathan OS
1664?? Kramer, Nathan OS
1921? Kucukaslan, Poyraz OS
1884? Lau, Matthew Ende OS
2g Lauermann, Marius OS
2359!! Li, Zuhao (Luke) OS
2117? Loh, Joshua OS
1729 Mahmood, Abdun Naser OS
1960!! Marner, Gavin OS
1483? Mascunano, Juan OS
2652! Melkumyan, Hrant [GM] OS
1934! Milligan, Helen [WFM] OS
1895! Mortensen, Henrik OS
1472! Mourouti, Marietta OS
2399! Mu, Ke OS
2226 Mungunkhuu, Mijgee OS
2223 Nazari, Sattar OS
2091 Nedimovic, Ljubisa OS
1853? Ng, Brendan Wee Hong OS
3g Ng, Bryan Wee Lok OS
2g Ng, Ke Sheng Zeke OS
2197! Nguyen, Hoai Nam OS
2g Nguyen, Tuan Loc OS
2703!! Ni, Hua [GM] OS
2691! Nisipeanu, Liviu-Dieter [GM] OS
1903!! O’Molloy, Eamonn OS
1875 Olabe, Eduardo OS
1164? Olde, Karl Erik OS
1359! Ombina, Edward P OS
2372! Ootes, Lars OS
2536! Papin, Vasily [GM] OS
2046 Pecak, Mariusz OS
2012! Prasad, Calvin [CM] OS
1554? Premathilaka, Kanishka OS
2145! Qiu, Mengjie [WFM] OS
1689 Raimbert, Ronald OS
2033? Rains, Edward [CM] OS
1682 Rains, Timothy OS
2077! Ramaswamy, Aarthie OS
2451 Ramesh, R.B. [GM] OS
956 Ramesh, Varsha OS
1572!! Ranganathan, Parunithan OS
1696! Remaneses, Renato OS
2247 Repplinger, Marc OS
1947! Rigo, Gianfrancesco OS
1712 Rivadeneira, Maria OS
1875 Roksvold, Jan OS
2412 Roy Chowdhury, Saptarshi [IM] OS
2403 Ryjanova, Julia [WGM] OS
1618 Salim, Ken Timur OS
2274! Sengeravdan, Otgonjargal [WFM] OS
2147 Setiawan, Akwie OS
1951! Shrestha, Shyam Sundar OS
1399? Sklenka, Steve OS
2271! Smith, Robert W [FM] OS
1588! Smith, Vivian J OS
2g Sood, Rishik OS
2087! Specht, Josh OS
1814 Spiller, Paul [CM] OS
2006 Stangl, Anita [WFM] OS
1455? Steadman, Mathew OS
2274 Steadman, Michael OS
1374 Sugiharto, Judi OS
2348 Sukandar, Irine Kharisma OS
1422 Sukhu, Gloria OS
1920 Sunaryo, Robert OS
1860 Tan, Huey Ping Andrew OS
2001? Teitsson, Smari Rafn OS
1g Terubea, Tianata OS
2186 Thapa, Krishna OS
1734? Timergazi, Layla OS
2031 Tran, Thi Ha Minh OS
1547? Trematerra, Massimiliano OS
2g Tsai, Ryan OS
1990! Vahtra, Tuuli [WFM] OS
2637 Vajda, Levente [GM] OS
2313! Van Ruitenburg, Joost [FM] OS
2619! Van Wely, Loek [GM] OS
1692! Visser, Johan OS
1375? Wang, Aaron Ziwen OS
5g Wang, Qinke OS
2g Wong, Shyun Fwu Aldrin OS
3g Yap, Ern Yee OS
2404! Yap, Kim Steven [IM] OS
1321? Yeoh, Seong Jui Michael OS
2g Yin, Haoran OS
1965! Youssef, Ashraf OS
2124! Yuan, Ye OS
2160! Zepeda, Lorena [WIM] OS
2317! Zhai, Mo [WIM] OS
375?? Zhang, Jianguo OS
930! Zhang, Leo (Li Ao) OS
2635!! Zhou, Weiqi [GM] OS