How to enter a tournament

1.    Click on the underlined tournament to open the details page.
2.    Print the tournament entry form.
3.    Complete the entry form and mail it with the entry fee to the address for entries included in the tournament details (or use the direct deposit or Paypal facility if included in the tournament details).
4.    Also complete and enclose with your entry a CAQ membership application with $20 membership fee if a state title event, or the time controls for the tournament are 60 minutes per game or longer, and you are not a current member (or join online - click here). Click here to check whether you are a current member.
For team events, use the entry form linked from the tournament details page.

Note: The tournament entry form is in PDF format, readable under all platforms using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. If you do not have either installed on your computer, first download and install a free copy of Adobe Reader by clicking on the Get Adobe Reader icon and following the instructions on screen.

2015 Event Dates


2015 Events

Marcus Porter Memorial - 4th and 11th December Link to details


2015 QLD Teams Champs Sunday 13th Dec Link to details


2015 QLD Lightning Champs Link to details


2016 Australian Championships Link to details

2011 Qld Participation Grand Prix here
2012 Qld Participation Grand Prix here