2019 Leo Wilkinson Memorial Results

Prize winners from the BBC Painting sponsored 2019 Leo Wilkinson Memorial:

1st Redcliffe Chess Club’s IM Brodie McClymont 5.5/6 – $1000!

IM Brodie McClymont v IM Stephen Solomon

=2nd GM Moulthun Ly, IM Stephen Solomon and CM Junior Tay from Singapore, $250 each – they all scored 5/6.


photos courtesy Junior Tay

The Rating Group A Winner, Redcliffe Chess Club’s Allan Fossey, also scored 5/6

Anthony Solomon, Stephen’s son, made a welcome return to tournament chess and he won Rating Group B on 4/6

Rating Group C was also won outright by Aanan Shafiuddin with 4/6

Micah Lo, with 3.5/6, took out the $125 prize for Rating Group D

Group E was shared four ways by Nicholas Carter, Calen Tang, Chee Sung Lee and Suvan Nag

Unrated prize of $50 was shared by Kingston Wang and Kona Baldock.