Australian Junior Championships Report

Cameron McGowan is the 2020 Australian Junior Champion.

The Australian Junior Chess Championships have concluded for 2020. In total, there were 362 players in the main events, 144 players in the Blitz and 102 Juniors competed in the problem solving.

Under 18 Open:
1st – Cameron McGowan (NSW)
2nd – Michael Ostapenko (QLD)
3rd – Sravan Renjith (QLD)

Under 16 Open:
1st – Ryder Testolin (VIC)
2nd – James Spencer (NSW)
3rd – Daniel Melamed (NSW)

Under 14 Open:
1st – Alexavier Ly-Liu (QLD)
2nd – Yihe (Rebo) Fu (WA)
3rd – Seth Peramunetellike (NSW)

Under 12 Open:
1st – Jayden Ooi (QLD)
2nd – Archit Kannan (VIC)
3rd – Arthur Gao (VIC)

Under 10 Open:
1st – Jayden Ooi (QLD) via play-off
2nd – Zerui Xing (QLD)
3rd – Joel Leong (QLD)

Under 8 Open:
1st – Lachlan Wang (QLD)
2nd – Harvey Zhu (QLD)
3rd – Calen Tang (QLD)

Under 12 – 18 Girls was a combined tournament
with the following trophies awarded.

Under 18 Girls:
1st – Lillian Lu (VIC)
2nd – Emily Lin (VIC)
3rd – Eva Ge (NSW)

Under 16 Girls:
1st – Athena Hathiramani (ACT) (2nd overall)
2nd – Myiesha Maunders (VIC)
3rd – Jennifer Morrison (VIC)

Under 14 Girls:
1st – Elizaveta Gratchev (QLD)
(via play-off with Athena-Malar Retnaraja)
2nd – Ekaterina Gratchev (QLD)
3rd – Dhwani Patel (NSW)

Under 12 Girls:
1st – Athena-Malar Retnaraja (SA)
(after play-offwith Elizaveta Gratchev)
2nd – Damaris Augustine (VIC)
3rd – Ethena Qiang (QLD)

Under 10 Girls:
1st – Darline Augustine (VIC) (via play-off)
2nd – Chanya Rupasinghe (NSW)
3rd – Emily Zhang

Under 8 Girls:
1st – Vidushi Dissanayake (VIC)
2nd – Xintong Zhang (QLD)
3rd – Manyata Sindhi (VIC)

Full standings and cross-tables are available at AJCC-2020 Results