Queensland Blitz Championships 2018

Queensland has a new Blitz Champion – IM Brodie McClymont.

2nd – Tom Maguire
3rd – Hughston Parle

Rating Group A
Oliver McCarthy
Eason Wang
Oliver Yang

Rating Group B
Orsen Van Der byl

Rating Group C
Davide Giannini

Junior Prizes
1st – Hughston Parle
2nd – Tony Zhong
3rd – Aiden Brady

Cadet Prizes
1st – Eason Wang
2nd – Oliver Yang
3rd – Alexavier Ly-Liu

It was indeed a fun event to play in – thank-you Shaun and Andrew for running it!

I was pleased to see Redcliffe Chess Club’s Brodie McClymont and Tom Maguire quinella the event – Brodie scoring a Bobby Fischer like 11 out of 11 and Tom scoring a most respectable 9 out of 11! Brodie was lucky against Tom so they both say and his position against Hughston was very interesting indeed – I hope some games get posted here!

Congrats to Hughston for finishing outright 3rd, Oliver McCarthy, Eason Wang and Oliver Yang for sharing equal 1st in Rating Group A, Orsen Van Der Byl for winning Rating Group B all by himself, Davide Gianni for winning Rating Group C outright and all the Juniors and Cadets who took home trophies.